Here are some of the best vegan wines on the market

With the rise of campaigns like ‘Veganuary’ there are now plenty of great-tasting wines that don’t contain animal-derived ingredients. Here are some of the best

Animal products in wine? Do some wines really contain fish bladders or bull’s blood? In trace form, yes, it is possible that tiny amounts of these and other agents may sometimes be present from clarifying wine – the process of removing insoluble materials. But with the rising popularity of veganism as an ethical choice, or just for those dipping in their toes in ‘Veganuary’, thankfully there are plenty of great-tasting wines that don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients. 

Wines that are labelled ‘unfiltered’ ought to be free of additives – and it’s helpful when wines indicate suitability for vegans. On the high street, M&S leads the field, along with the Co-Op. If you search for ‘vegan wines’, Waitrose, Aldi and Tanners, among others, clearly list vegan-friendly options on their sites. The website is particularly good.

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