Wines to get you through the rest of winter

With rich flavours and sunshine bottled from less wintry climates, these toasty reds will help you survive the February blues

When the weather is belching invisible icy barnacles into your eyeballs, nothing beats a big fat red to turn up the heat. Wines from hot climes that trap sunshine into the flavour are primed and ready. I love Aussie Shiraz. It can be as bold and spicy as rolling a giant blackberry down Peppercorn Gorge. And the Tempranillo I’ve picked out typifies the Aussie knack of reinvigorating wine with fresh flavours. Around the New World there are grapes that have become synonymous with places, such as Zinfandel in the USA or Malbec across Argentina. But blending grapes, such as my South African selection, gives a chance to spice up the day.