Business finds its heart in fight against Covid-19 


    Business finds its heart by offering support and rallying to create products in fight against Covid-19

    Businesses are ‘rediscovering their social conscience’ by rallying to offer support and to create products to battle the coronavirus pandemic. 

    Companies have sprung into action at a rate only seen in wartime since cases of the deadly virus began to surge in the UK. 

    Beer company Brewdog has changed its Scottish distillery to manufacture hand sanitiser, along with the recently listed British Honey Company. 

    A number of firms have switched their production lines to make much-needed items. Brewer Brewdog has changed its Scottish distillery to manufacture hand sanitiser

    Chemicals group Ineos went a step further, pledging to build a factory in ten days near Middlesbrough that will churn out 1m bottles of the cleaning gel per month. 

    It will provide the sanitiser to the NHS for free, but will also make it available to schools, pharmacies and supermarkets. 

    And firms that ordinarily build cars and aerospace equipment are designing ventilators desperately needed by the NHS to stop hospitals being overwhelmed. 

    Aerospace group Meggitt, sports car maker McLaren and nuclear submarine maintainer Babcock International are among the companies chipping in. 

    Science and pharmaceuticals groups have put their expertise to use by designing diagnostic tests and providing research services. 

    A division of biopharmaceutical group Novacyt that is based in Southampton designed one of the first diagnostic tests for the disease, which has already been given approval by the US Food and Drug Administration. 

    And another group listed on AIM, Ergomed, has been providing research services at a hospital in Bergamo, the epicentre of the shocking outbreak in Italy. 

    Even companies that can’t change their production lines or provide scientific resources have made efforts to help emergency workers or vulnerable people wherever they can. 

    Baker Greggs gave free hot drinks to NHS and other emergency services workers before its stores were shuttered as part of the lockdown. 

    Oil major BP has been providing free petrol and diesel to emergency services vehicles. 

    Cosmetics company Lush handed out soaps from stores to women’s refuges and food banks, and is arranging for gifts to be given to NHS workers. 


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