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From compression technology to odour-reducing fabric, eight of the best running socks for a blister-free workout

If you’re looking to improve your running, then you need to look after your feet. Once you’ve chosen a pair of well-fitting running shoes, it’s time to think about socks. There’s no point in spending a lot of money on expensive trainers if your socks cause chafing and blisters.

Look for breathability, extra padding in the heel and arch to absorb impact, and think about whether or not you need any extra features like compression technology or odour-reducing fabric. Here we bring you eight options that your feet will love.

The Physix compression running socks are engineered with arch to below ankle compression technology, offering a targeted foot support unseen on most athletic socks. The result is a boost in circulation, delivering more oxygenated blood to your feet to keep you going harder, for longer.

You’ll appreciate the tight support if your feet are prone to swelling up after long runs or if you suffer from any painful conditions like plantar fasciitis. However, they do feel strange on the first wear as they’re a super snug fit.

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If running causes your feet to stink, these Rockay socks are a good option as they offer the same ventilation and padding as other leading socks plus the ability to keep your feet smelling fresh. This is because they’re made with organic merino wool, which has natural anti-odour and anti-microbial properties.

Say goodbye to blisters and chafing as the Accelerate socks are made with ventilation zones that wick away sweat. There’s cushioning in the toe and heel area and compression in the arch for just the right amount of support.

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You won’t struggle to locate these Hilly socks in the dark for your early morning or dark winter evening runs. These bright socklets are made from sweat-wicking Coolmax yarns to prevent blisters and feature mesh-flex panels to aid breathability.

Padding tabs in the toe box and heel add comfort while the material around the ankle feels thicker to protect your achilles. An anti-slip design is sewn into the fabric on the base to stop your feet slipping around in your shoes, which makes for fewer blisters and a better running posture.

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Runderwear are famous for their anti-chafing underwear and they use similar technology in their socks. Made from breathable fabrics, they’re designed in a unique way to prevent blisters with two different layers of breathable fabric rather than one. As you run, the layers rub against each other rather than your foot.

Both layers of fabric have tiny holes allowing the foot to stay dry and sweat to be wicked away easily. This means the foot never becomes damp so you’ll feel fresher for longer, even on the more demanding training days.

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The CEP Women’s Run Socks deliver compression to the calf, ankle and mid foot, which some runners say gives them an extra boost of energy. Compression accelerates blood flow to the muscles to power your run and help you recover afterwards.

The anatomically placed foot padding not only makes runs more comfortable but can protect you from injury by taking away some of the impact that occurs when your feet hit the road.

Plus, the fabric contains odour-reducing silver ions to keep your feet smelling fabulous no matter how many miles you’ve covered.

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Can’t decide between a knee-length sock or an ankle sock? Try a mid sock from On Running, which feels just high enough to deliver both protection and performance.

They’re perfect if you find full-length socks too constrictive but want more support around your achilles and feet. Designed with an arch pattern to hold the socks securely in place throughout your runs, you’ll notice fewer blisters. Technical mesh stabilises your temperature so you’re neither too hot nor too cold and the anatomically shaped toes add an extra level of comfort.

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Made with 2XU’s signature X-LOCK compression technology, these socks use powerful compression support to lock the foot in place during your run. This reduces the risk of blistering while providing advanced plantar fascia and arch support.

Light cushioning in the sole supports forefoot impact, push-off, and heel impact without making your feet feel constricted. They’re designed to promote natural toe splay during impact with a seamless toe box, while zoned mesh ventilation ensures breathability and comfort. The design’s not as colourful as other socks but they’ll support you well as you notch up the training miles.

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These may be strange to look at but don’t knock the INJINJI toe socks until you’ve tried them. Some runners say that separating their toes improves balance and helps their feet to better grip their trainers. Plus, you’re less at risk of blisters between the toes if there’s no skin to skin contact.

The fabric in these socks is slightly thicker than on other pairs, which makes them great for winter. However, there is a mesh upper for ventilation so that you can use them all year round. A reinforced heel absorbs impact as you run.

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