Uber sending out 600,000 packages of Clorox wipes to encourage riders to sanitize before exiting

Uber is giving out 600,000 packages of Clorox wipes so passengers can sanitize seats and doors before exiting

Uber is sending out Clorox canisters to drivers in the USIt will a store of 600,000 canisters to drivers in Chicago, Atlanta, and New YorkThe company is also encouraging passengers to disinfect cars 

Uber will send out more than a half-million packages of Clorox wipes to se drivers in several major cities in the US. 

According to the ride-hailing giant, the company will distribute nearly 600,000 canisters of disinfecting wipes to drivers in Chicago, Atlanta, and New York City as part of a partnership with Clorox.

As a part of that initiative, riders will also be notified when their ride is carrying wipes and encourage them to disinfect the space.

Uber will also notify riders when their car contains Clorox wipes and send a checklist of precautions before they enter the vehicles (pictured)

‘Cleanliness is a shared responsibility and riders should also be making an effort to sanitize the frequently touched areas in the back of the car to help create a cleaner environment for themselves, the driver, and the next passenger,’ Uber said in a statement.  

Uber said it will deliver 200,000 Clorox wipes per month and may potentially expand their use to other cities.  

Uber is also giving guidelines on ‘high-touch’ areas so that riders and rivers can, ‘identify the key spots to clean before and after every trip.’

According to Uber, drivers should focus on the front cabin of the car, including the steering-wheel, gear shifts, cup holders, and door handles.

Uber recommends that riders focus on seat belt buckles, window controllers, and door handles. 

Uber has made several broad policy shifts in an effort to protect drivers and passengers from COVID-19.

In addition to requiring all drivers to wear masks, the company is also requiring passengers to wear protective gear. 

Uber also requires drivers to go through a safety checklist, confirming they have followed safety protocols, like disinfecting the car, and is even confirming that drivers are wearing a face cover by making them take a selfie with a mask on.