Terminally ill woman who married in lockdown has died in NI

 Meet ups

On 29 June the original 2m social distancing rule was relaxed and reset to 1m but with some conditions. Samantha’s wedding would not have been possible during these restrictions

A rise in Covid–19 cases led to the reduction in the number of people who could gather indoors in a private home from 10 people from four households to six people from two households. 

Outdoor group gatherings saw another reduction to half the previous 30 limit in May while overnight stays are still banned


Non-essential journeys can be made as far as people want within Northern Ireland. Guests who lived further away would have been unable to attend Samantha and Frankie’s wedding

Wearing face masks became mandatory on most public transport with exemptions for those with medical conditions. They do not apply to school transport

On 29 June restrictions for travelling within the Republic of Ireland were lifted


Weddings and baptisms were banned during lockdown but were reinstated from 10 July. Indoor marriages and civil partnerships were also permitted indoors and other venues from the same date

Samantha would not have been able to have her dream wedding in May due to the ban and had to lobby politicians for it to go ahead

Funeral services have been permitted in a place of worship or a funeral home. Numbers of mourners vary depending on the size of the venue to allow social distancing while the number is set to 30 at the graveside or crematorium


Essential shops which sold essentials such as food, medicine and off-licences remained open. Garden centres reopened in later May and all other shops opened on 15 June. Hairdressers and salons remained closed until 6 July

It’s compulsory to wear face masks from 10 August with a number of exemptions


While elite athletes returned to training outdoors on 15 June they started to workout indoors two weeks later

Gyms and outdoor playgrounds reopened from 10 July

Leisure centres, skating rinks and indoor sports courts were able to open from 7 August.


Schools remained shut until last month with Primary Seven, Year 12 and Year 14 returning to class

Secondary school pupils and teachers must wear face coverings in corridors and communal areas

Pubs, hotels and restaurants

While restaurants and cafes were allowed to offer takeaway food and delivery services during lockdown, they reopened on 3 July alongside bars and hotel

Bars with outdoor tables can serve alcohol along with a meal but it’s not clear when indoor pubs who only serve alcohol can reopen