Can YOU ace this general knowledge quiz? Multiple choice challenge could give you idea of your IQ 

Can YOU ace this general knowledge quiz? Ten question multiple choice test will challenge even the brightest minds

  • Tricky quiz is challenging internet users across the world on general knowledge
  • The 10 question quiz was shared on US-based trivia website Playbuzz 
  • Among questions are two related to geography and three mathematical queries
  • Creator said only brightest of minds can achieve a high score on difficult test 

A multiple choice general knowledge quiz is leaving internet users from across the world stumped with tricky questions in fields such as geography, maths and history. 

The 10-question challenge was created by Cody Cross for US-based trivia website Playbuzz, who claimed only those with an IQ of 145 would achieve more than 7/10 in the quiz.   

Among the questions is several related to geography, three mathematical queries and one with a history theme.  

So, how many do you know? Scroll down to take the test and check your answers at the bottom. 

Even the brightest quizzers have been left scratching their heads over a new 10 question multiple choice test from Playbuzz  (file image) 












 1 Africa

2 Potato

3 12%

4 21

5 9

6 Insects

7 Stockholm, Sweden

8 1945

9 42 dots

10 March