University Challenge viewers despair as Cambridge’s Wolfson College loses 40-210

1. What present participle links a painting by Henri Rousseau depicting a moonlight desert and a lion and the infectious disease African trypanosomiasis? (Worth 10 points, Merton College answered correctly). 

2. As his doctoral dissertation at the University of Jena in 1841, who submitted a Hagelian analysis entitled: ‘The Difference Between the Democritean and Epicurean Philosophy of Nature’ (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

3. Which chemical element is found in all three of these substances: salt, laughing gas and ammonia? (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

4. These are the titles of four major non-fiction works. The same word has been removed from each title. What is it? (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

5. Which South American city is the setting of paintings such as The Bridge at Boca by Benito Quinquela Martín and The Reconquest by Charles Fouqueray? The latter depicts the surrender of a British force attempting to gain control of the River Plate in 1806. (10 points, Wolfson answered incorrectly before Merton answered correctly)

6. Referring to the object’s likely origin, for what does the capital letter ‘I’ for India stand in the alphanumeric designation of the object otherwise known as ‘oumuamua’, an asteroid observed in 2017 on a hyperbolic orbit (10 points, Merton answered correctly)

7. In anatomy, what five-letter adjective indicates the location of all of the following: the epicanthic fold, the atrium of the heart and biceps muscles? (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

8. In March 2019, China’s launch of a communications satellite was the 300th by a family of carrier rockets bearing what two-word name? That of a nation-building event that began in Autumn 1934. (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

9. Coined by the Scottish physicist James Alfred Ewing and derived from the Greek meaning ‘to be behind’, what concept in economics, often applied to unemployment and trade, refers to a situation in which the consequences of an event are… (10 points, Merton answered correctly)

10. The Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf contains over 1,000 examples of what literary device that uses compound words or… (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

11. ‘My music is best understood by children and animals.’ Who said that in 1961, 10 years before his death and more than 30 years after works such as Pulcinella, Oedipus Rex and The Firebird? (10 points, Merton answered correctly) 

12. In which Canadian province or territory is the delta of the Mackenzie River. This river rises in the Great Slave Lake and flows more than 1,500km into the Beaufort Sea (10 points, neither team answered correctly) 

13. Name either of the sports represented in the initial letters IBSF, this being an international governing body for two winter sports (10 points, Wolfson answered correctly)

14. What is the name of this film? (10 points, Wolfson answered correctly) 

15. In physics, what adjective is applied to the minimal mass of a fisial material required to sustain a chain reaction? 

16. Of the six wives of Henry VIII, name the two who appear as characters in a play usually attributed to both Shakespeare and John Fletcher? 

17. Filiform and fungiform papillae are small bumpy projections found on what part of the body? (10 points, Wolfson answered correctly)