Simple trick to get free Deliveroo deliveries with Amazon Prime

The simple (and little known) trick for Amazon Prime customers to get free delivery for a year from Deliveroo

  • Deliveroo Plus offers customers free delivery on their food orders 
  • Amazon Prime users can now get membership for free for orders over £25 

While millions of Britons are likely to be starting those January health kicks, many will still be tucking into a regular takeaway treat in 2022.

And a little known trick for Amazon Prime customers means those who use Deliveroo can have a year of its Plus service added on for free.  

Deliveroo Plus, which gives users free delivery for a fee each month, is free to Amazon Prime members who register on the website.

It costs £7.99 a month for gold members who have to spend £10 on orders to get free delivery while silver customers pay £3.99 a month for free delivery on orders over £25.

Amazon Prime customers can now get free delivery on their Deliveroo orders over £25

Amazon Prime customers, who pay £5.99 a month for free next day delivery or £7.99 a month for free next day delivery with Prime Video, are able to get the silver service for free.

They will be able to use the service for free for 12 months and will save up to £40 a year.

To sign up, customers can visit Deliveroo’s website or app and input their details as well as their Amazon Prime information.

After doing so, they will get access to the silver membership.

The offer started in September and Deliveroo reported in October 2021 that membership for its Plus service had doubled, although it did not release specific figures.

Amazon previously invested in Deliveroo in 2019.

While it is not known exactly how much the company invested, the delivery firm raised $575 million in May two years ago.

Deliveroo is just one of the current delivery services with others including Just Eat and Uber Eats.

These have increased in popularity in recent times with many utilising the services during the pandemic.