Mum of autistic little boy reaches out to other families to find copies of his favourite t-shirt

Mum of autistic boy asks strangers to help her find his favourite grey T-shirt – and what happens next will move you to tears

  • The mum of a seven-year-old boy with autism has asked for help online 
  • She said her son will only wear one shirt and asked for copies of it to be sent
  • She explained she would have to take it off him at night, and wash immediately 

Kind strangers have sent the single mum of an autistic boy some copies of her son’s favourite t-shirt to prevent her having to wash it every night.

The mum explained that her son, 7, would wear the grey t-shirt whether clean or dirty and even when still wet from the washing machine.

She would have to take it off the youngster while he was sleeping to wash and dry it overnight knowing the first thing he would do is look for the shirt when he woke up.

A busy mum has revealed how kindhearted strangers sent her copies of her son’s favourite shirt to help take the pressure off having to wash it every night

The mum put out a public appeal to Big W shoppers who may have also bought the grey t-shirt last season, and she received a dozen of them.

‘Shirts were sent from all over Australia. From other parents of neurodiverse children, to staff who work for Big W. Some very loved shirts. Some gifted by kids of parents reading the post. One was even found, brand new, in store,’ she said.

She also revealed that she has been having a difficult time ‘in and out’ of hospital for her two-year-old daughter.

To add to that stress, her son is often sent home from school, making it impossible for her to work.

‘Every one of you sent them without asking for money. Not even to cover the postage. None of you were aware that I am a single mum,’ she said. 

‘The support was overwhelming at a time when not much was going well for me and my little family. It’s just me and my two young kids. So it really lifted my spirits.’

The post included a picture of the dozen shirts laying on the grass in the shape of a heart and has been liked by 3700 Big W shoppers.

‘So Beautiful! I feel this so much, especially being an ASD parent myself. So happy to see so many other kind people were able to help you,’ one woman said.

Another mum said the post melted her heart and left tears rolling down her face.

‘Thank you to all the people that contributed and sent those t-shirts, that have made a world of difference to a little boy,’ said another.

And others thanked the mum for sharing her story.

The mum explained that her seven-year-old son has autism and would wear the shirt clean, dirty or wet from the washing machine

The mum explained that her seven-year-old son has autism and would wear the shirt clean, dirty or wet from the washing machine

‘I love everything about this post. The vibe. Your gratitude. The kindness of strangers. Everything. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. So positive,’ she said.  

‘I remember reading about this lovely little boy and his love for this t-shirt! How wonderful that there are so many gorgeous people so willing to help out when they can! Thank you for sharing the outcome,’ said another.

One woman revealed she had sent a top and was excited to see the post.

‘Love this! I’m so glad I was able to add an extra top for your son, I hope things start looking up for you all, you’ve got this mumma,’ she said.

The mum’s original post asked for sizes 8 to 12 noting her son ‘only wears this shirt’.

She explained her son likes the cross-neck stitching and feel of the material, but doesn’t like the green version in shops now.