Dyson ‘Disneyland’ hailed a playground for adults – as new store thrills with space age beauty tech

Dyson ‘Disneyland’ is hailed as a playground for adults – as their stylish first Australian demo store thrills customers with space age beauty tech

  • Dyson have opened a brand new tech store this week in heart of Sydney’s CBD
  • New age products have impressed many, venue dubbed ‘Disneyland for adults’
  • Highlights include the Beauty Lab and the Dyson V15 Detect vacuum cleaner

Dyson’s first new space age demo store in Australia has been hailed as a ‘Disneyland for adults’ as it proves there’s more to the UK-based company than vacuum cleaners.

The tech store located in Sydney’s CBD features a beauty lab, in-house hair stylist as well as an innovative try before you purchase experience for customers.

The outlet is also Dyson’s largest trading retail shop across Asia and Australasia.

Dyson have opened the new store in a bid to help their customers discover, explore and understand how their latest technology works.   

‘Our first ever Dyson Demo in Australia will add to our ambitious growth plans for the future,’ CEO Roland Krueger said.

‘The new space forms a part of our growing ambitions in direct-to-consumer retail, providing consumers with opportunities to discover the Dyson technology through both the virtual and physical world.’

Dyson’s space age demo store – a first in Australia – has been hailed as a ‘Disneyland for adults’ (pictured, the new show room in Sydney’s CBD)

Dyson are famed for their vacuum cleaners, including the Dyson 360 Eye Robot (pictured)

Dyson are famed for their vacuum cleaners, including the Dyson 360 Eye Robot (pictured)

A highlight for many tech enthusiasts who venture to the store in the heart of the Harbour City will be the Beauty Lab.

In addition, the venue boasts a hair salon which allows customers to access a complimentary wash and blow dry/styling session after booking online.

Dyson have introduced three highly anticipated hair styling tools — the Supersonic hair dryer, the AirWrap hair curler and the Corrale, a cordless straightener. 

The trio of items don’t come cheap, with the Corrale priced at just under $700.

If fans are more of interest, the Pure Cool has proven to already be a popular item.

Again, it will hurt in the hip pocket, retailing for a whopping $899.

But Dyson are globally renowned for their vacuum cleaners and the store showcases a number of signature models.

According to techguide, the standout is the Dyson V15 Detect. 

The cord free device even features a precisely-angled laser beam that reveals hidden dust.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, an acoustic sensor measures and records dust and debris that has been sucked up – on a real-time screen.