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Beauty: My mayday miracle workers

These are the tried-and-trusted products I turn to in an emergency

May Day is upon us once more and it’s a time of year that always lends itself to lots of floral-inspired shopping ideas. But, since we covered that recently for Mother’s Day (you can still find our selection at, I thought instead that I’d take an alternative route combined with a slight play on words. So these are my favourite mayday picks – as in the products that I’m currently trusting to help me out when I need assistance with a beauty SOS.

I realise, of course, that the word ‘mayday’ has nothing to do with the traditions to mark the first day of summer. Still, it gives me a hook to hang this roundup of trusty stalwarts upon – a list that can help with everything from pepping me up when I’m looking tired to emergency protection if body revealing is suddenly (and unexpectedly) thrust upon me. I hope that you’ll find them all useful too…




Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo, £23,

This updated version of the already brilliant dry shampoo is one of my beauty kit non-negotiables. When you don’t have time to wash and style, this can extend a blow-dry for days and keeps hair looking fresh and clean with no itchy scalp consequences.



Whind Kasbah Stars Radiance Renewing Night Serum, £80,

A gentle acid formula that helps smooth and brighten skin overnight with added aloe vera to soothe. Excellent if you need to banish dullness.




Vaseline Expert Care Instant Dry Skin Rescue, £3.99,

Strictly speaking this is a body lotion, but I use the small tube as a hand cream – and it’s a serious beauty aid. It’s almost always with me because it works wonders on dry and even chapped skin.






Altruist Dermatologist Family Sunspray SPF50, £9.50,

One of the best sunscreens and great for sensitive skin. It now comes in a practical spray so it’s easy to squirt and go – which might not sound glamorous but it is useful. It’s also reef friendly.




Ruby Hammer Nail File, £18,

I never use anything other than glass files like this one, as they’re kinder to nails and so much faster and smoother at their job. I love this red one as it is easy to find!



Manucurist Huile Verte Nail Care, £14,

My nails can be a little brittle and this is my latest SOS treatment for them. A lovely blend of six oils, one drop will do all the nails on one hand and I really notice a difference after use.




Jones Road Shimmer Face Oil, £29,

A very subtle effect, this adds a little light and radiance to the face, décolletage and body. It can be used either mixed with or on top of moisturiser. This shade is Pink Opal but there is also a paler pink, a champagne and a bronze.