Melbourne woman recovers stolen Airpods using Apple’s tracking ‘Find My iPhone’ feature; Woolworths

A young woman has captured the moment she confronted a Woolworths worker after going on an extraordinary mission to track down her AirPods.

Juliette Fox shared a video on Sunday that showed her speaking to the Melbourne Woolworths shift supervisor about the pair of missing earphones.

The dramatic footage showed Ms Fox telling the employee that she had been tracking her missing earphones via the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature and knew they were in the store.

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A dramatic video shows the moment Juliette Fox accuses a Woolworths employee (pictured) of stealing a pair of missing AirPods that she had been tracking via her iPhone

Ms Fox said she had been at an arcade earlier that week while visiting friends and family in Melbourne and left her earphones, keys, and phone in her coat pocket next to her.

However, Ms Fox later discovered her AirPods were missing.

She said she then began receiving notifications that her AirPods were being used in an apartment unknown to her.

The notifications and tracking was so specific that Ms Fox knew the apartment building the alleged thief lived in, the train stations the employee had walked in and out of, and where she had gone for dinner.

‘I’ve been clicking on this every single day, it became the bane of my existence,’ she said.

‘I own them but I could see them charging them and using them. 

‘I have the receipts, I knew when you used them. So don’t lie to me, don’t pretend you didn’t have them.’

Ms Fox said she had tried to recover her earphones from the couple’s apartment but was unable to gain access so left her name and phone number with the doorman. 

After three days of confusing conversations with the employee and her partner – and an impending flight back home to Canberra – Ms Fox decided to take matters into her own hands and confronted the Woolworths employee at the store.

‘I know the AirPods are still here,’ she told the employee.

‘So you’re either going to give them to me or I’m going to go back to the cop station.’

‘You can look but I don’t have it,’ the employee told her. 

Ms Fox then showed the employee her tracking notifications that alerted her the AirPods had recently been used in the store and the employee called her partner.

Ms Fox (above) said she knew the exact location of her AirPods throughout the ordeal because she used Apple's tracking software

Ms Fox (above) said she knew the exact location of her AirPods throughout the ordeal because she used Apple’s tracking software

‘That lady whose the AirPods are, she’s here,’ the employee said.

‘You know how you can track it? She tracked it.’

The employee ended the phone call and told Ms Fox that her partner had put the AirPods in her work bag, blaming him for making the situation ‘so messy’.

She then told Ms Fox that she would go look for the AirPods.

‘Give me a second and I’ll go have a look,’ the employee said.

‘I don’t know where he put it but if you want to go, I’m happy, you can go.’

‘No, I want my AirPods,’ Ms Fox said, as the employee walked away. 

Luckily the employee was able to find the AirPods and return them to Ms Fox. 

The Woolworths employee returned Ms Fox's AirPods and explained her partner had put the earphones in her workbag without the employee knowing

The Woolworths employee returned Ms Fox’s AirPods and explained her partner had put the earphones in her workbag without the employee knowing

Ms Fox later explained the employee’s partner claimed he accidentally took the AirPods and said they wanted to return them to her.

Commenters were left shocked by the employee’s dismissive behaviour and alleged she intentionally stole them.

‘She’s breathing really fast…she knows she’s in trouble,’ one person wrote.

‘The body language! I’m telling you it’s her,’ another said. 

‘You know the weird thing is that you can’t track them unless they are being used so she was for sure using them,’ another wrote. 

A Woolworths spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We’re aware of a social media video that makes reference to a Woolworths team member and are looking into it’.