Who’ll find love on our blind date? This week it’s Claudine, 49 and Roger, 56

Claudine, 49 (pictured) has been single for a year 


Dating past?

I’ve never married and came out of a six-year relationship a year ago. I’ve done some online dating, but nothing to report. 


Single for a year, no children. 


Mobile beauty therapist. 


An outgoing, active, carefree man. If he looks like George Clooney, all the better. 

Pre-Date Nerves? 

I wasn’t really nervous. I went with an open mind and just wanted to enjoy myself. I wore my summery maxi dress. 

First Impressions? 

Roger was very well-presented and trendy, with great clothes — dark trousers, a T-shirt and a jacket — and nice hair. 

When we kissed hello, I was pleased to see he has warm eyes and a lovely smile. 

Easy To Talk To? 

We had such a wonderful afternoon. Roger was nicer than I thought he would be. 

He was relaxed and we laughed and talked about everything, from work to our social lives. 

We both enjoy the gym and eating healthy food, and we have a similarly positive attitude to life.

We definitely flirted …there was giggling and eye contact

Because we live so close to one another, we checked to see if we had possibly crossed paths before, but we haven’t. 


LIKED? He’s such a warm person.

REGRETS? None at all. 


We had such a lively chat. I’d hoped he would be fun, but I was so pleased we got along as well as we did. 

Embarrassing Moments? 

No, there were none. 

Did Sparks Fly? 

Yes, we were definitely flirting with each other during the date. 

The restaurant moved us to a different table before our dessert because they needed ours for a larger party, so we sat closer together and there was plenty of giggling and eye contact. 

Roger asked for my number and then we shared the train home together most of the way. 

He was a real gentleman and even carried my bags. We parted with a kiss goodbye and a promise that we would see each other soon. It just felt like a natural connection. 

Would you like to meet again? 

Very much so. It was great to meet someone with such a happy vibe. 

What do you think he thought of you? 

I think he liked me too, and I believe we both felt there was a spark there. We’re still messaging each other and we’ve made plans to go on another date this week. 

Would your family and friends like him? 

They’d enjoy his company — what I liked most about him was his friendly, chatty nature.

Roger, 56 (pictured) is divorced with two sons aged 17 and 18

Roger, 56 (pictured) is divorced with two sons aged 17 and 18


Dating past? 

I got divorced in 2012, and since then I’ve had a couple of short-term relationships, but nothing serious. ,


Divorced, with two sons aged 17 and 18. 


Facilities service manager for the NHS. 


A free spirit who likes to plan adventures. 

I don’t really date online though — I’m very much of the opinion that there is someone out there for everyone and paths eventually cross for a reason. 

Pre-Date Nerves? 

I wasn’t nervous as such, but I was worried about who I might meet. Claudine was such a pleasant surprise. 

First Impressions? 

I thought, ‘Wow, she looks lovely.’ We greeted each other with a kiss and never looked back. 

She’s exactly the kind of girl I’d go for — she has a gorgeous smile. She looked good in her colourful summer dress. I’m drawn to people with an energy I can feel, and Claudine had that. 

Easy To Talk To? 

We didn’t stop talking and the waiter had to keep coming back to take our order. Claudine told me about her dancing and art, and I talked about my boys. 

 It was the perfect date and even ended with a little kiss


LIKED? The perfect date. She was so easy to talk to. 



We touched on our expectations for a relationship and I think we’re both looking for the same thing. While we lead busy lives, we would make time for the right person. 

Embarrassing Moments? 

None, thankfully. 

Did Sparks Fly? 

I felt like we were both flirting — she was even twiddling her hair — and I was attracted to her. It felt relaxed and comfortable. We got the same train home and, as we parted, we gave each other a hug and a little kiss. I messaged to make sure she got home OK, and we’re still in touch. 

Would you like to meet again? 

I’d love to see her again. She is lovely and it’s hard to find someone you click with, so I’m thrilled I was matched with a woman who has good values and is attractive and fun. 

What do you think she thought of you? 

I hope she thought I was well-turned-out and good to chat to. Even if we don’t meet again, I’d still consider it a great date. 

If she hadn’t brought her car to the station we probably would have gone on for a few more drinks. Perhaps that’s been saved for the second date. 

Would your family and friends like her? 

Yes. There’s not much not to like