Shocking footage shows a red car dangerously merging in front of a car on a Queensland freeway

Extreme care should be taken when overtaking long or oversize vehicles such as a truck or bus or a vehicle towing a caravan or trailer. Drivers should allow more time to pass and make sure you can see the road ahead. 

Stay out of the heavy vehicle blind spots 

Blind spots are located:

– Immediately in front of the truck

– Beside the truck driver’s door

– On the passenger side which runs the length of the truck and extends out three lanes directly behind the truck

 Travel at a safe following distance

Do not follow a heavy vehicle too closely, as you want to see what is ahead (e.g. debris and other cars). 

When travelling behind a heavy vehicle allow for time to stop safely.

Look out for turning heavy vehicles 

Heavy vehicles that have a DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE sign are allowed to take up more than one lane to turn at corners, intersections and roundabouts. Be prepared to give extra room when a heavy vehicle uses an indicator. 

Overtaking safely around heavy vehicles  

– If travelling on the motorway/highway, try to use overtaking lanes whenever possible. 

– Only overtake when the road ahead is clear. 

– Be aware of strong wind conditions as you pass a heavy vehicle.

– When it is safe to overtake, indicate, accelerate and overtake quickly, without exceeding the speed limit. 

– After overtaking, maintain your speed so the heavy vehicle does not need to brake. 

– Never attempt to overtake a heavy vehicle or other long heavy vehicle on a curve or hill as your visibility is reduced.