Australian band Sheppard sparks trolley debate by comparing Australian and American escalators

Aussies mock ‘over-complicated’ trolley escalators at supermarkets in America: ‘This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen’

  • Two Aussie siblings have compared trolley escalators in the US and Australia
  • George and Emma Sheppard showed the difference between the two systems 
  • In America, there is a separate escalator specially for shopping carts at the store
  • However in Australia, there is a flat travellator that locks trolley wheels in place
  • They compared the two in a viral video sparking a lively debate in the comments

Two Australian siblings have pointed out a major difference between shopping in America and Australia – the US’s strange solution to getting a trolley up the escalator. 

Emma and George Sheppard who are members of the chart-topping band Sheppard, asked their fans whether Australian or American trolley escalators were better in a viral video. 

In the US, department stores have a separate escalator specifically for shopping carts while Australian travellators have a special design to lock trolleys in place so they don’t roll away. 

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George Sheppard, lead singer of Aussie band Sheppard, went viral online after showing how Americans get their shopping trolley up a separate escalator 

‘So this is something we don’t have in Australia, this is their solution to getting the shopping cart up the escalator,’ George said as he sent his trolley up the conveyor in an American Target store.

There was then a separate escalator for customers use, keep an eye on their shopping and collect the cart at the top.

Meanwhile in Australia, Emma demonstrated how shoppers can push their trolley right onto the flat travellator. 

‘We actually do have something similar in Australia except better,’ she said. 

His sister Emma then showed how travellators in Australian shops are designed to lock trolley wheels in place so they don't roll away

His sister Emma then showed how travellators in Australian shops are designed to lock trolley wheels in place so they don’t roll away

The video racked up more than two and a half million views on both Instagram and TikTok and sparked lively discussions in the comments from Aussies and Americans.

‘Way to over complicate things America!!’ one viewer exclaimed. 

‘They never showed the other end when you have to pull the trolley off the escalator… I’ve tried both… And on the other end, Aussie wins hands down…,’ said another. 

‘Why would you add a whole other escalator when you can just have one grooved one?’ asked a third. 

‘I’m an Aussie and the American one seems better. The amount of times when we’ve gone to the city and seen trolleys get caught at the end of the escalator and people being knocked about,’ a fourth responded. 

‘I say USA instead of Australia because it means the trolley isn’t blocking the escalator, and if there were an emergency everyone can get out,’ wrote another.