How to earn thousands of frequent flyer points by tracking your steps on the Qantas Wellbeing app

How travellers are scoring thousands of free Qantas points just by WALKING

  • An Aussie traveller has shared how she’s racking up thousands of Qantas points
  • Qantas’ Wellbeing app rewards users with points for being active during the day
  • The woman said is earning hundreds of points a day by tracking her step count
  • She shared her find to Facebook and many others raved about the thrifty app 
  • Some warned to keep earning points you need to sign up to Qantas insurance

A traveller has shared the simple way she is racking up her Qantas frequent flyer points into the thousands just by going about her normal daily routine. 

The Australian woman recommended the Qantas Wellbeing app which gives you points for your daily step count, exercising and getting a good night’s sleep on Facebook but commenters pointed out a small catch.

While the app is generous with handing out points in the trial period after users sign up, they have to opt in to Qantas health insurance to keep the big rewards coming. 

An Australian flyer has shared how she is raking in thousands of Qantas points by going about her daily routine and staying active by downloading the airline’s Wellbeing app

Posting to popular Facebook group Qantas Points Collectors, the thrifty flyer said the app was ‘too good to be true’ and earned more than 100 points in less than 24 hours with her step count alone.

‘Day 1 today of sitting around the office doing very low step count! Easy points! Will set sleep points tonight,’ she said. 

Her post drew in dozens of comments from fellow members who have built up thousands of points from increasing their daily steps.       

‘Well-being app works, I have had it since it was released and have earned 14k points from it. I made my family members get it and even use the steps challenge for extra points,’ one man said. 

‘It’s great I’ve pocketed over 500 points in two weeks for doing next to nothing/ my normal routine,’ a second wrote. 

One person said the Wellbeing app has given them more than 116,000 points while another said they earn a free trip to Sydney each year. 

The app rewards users for hitting daily and weekly step count challenges however to maximise points people need to sign up to the Qantas insurance or credit card policy

The app rewards users for hitting daily and weekly step count challenges however to maximise points people need to sign up to the Qantas insurance or credit card policy 

‘I have Qantas health insurance so the points stay at that level. I usually get 5 for sleeping, 10 for my watch rings, and 20 for steps each day, then an extra 100 each week for the weekly goal. So about 350 per week or 18000 for the year… Not a bad little bonus…’ a member responded.  

While the app can be used without signing up to Qantas health insurance, many said the rewards are greater for those who sign up to a plan after the 28-day trail period. 

‘For the trial period you get more points. After that ends you need to take out insurance to get the full points. You’ll still get some points regardless though for very little effort and every point counts, plus it keeps the account active,’ one flyer explained. 

‘To maximise the wellness app you need Qantas health insurance as well. You get 10 times the amount of points,’ another agreed.

How to get frequent flyer points by using the Qantas Wellbeing App 

By downloading the Qantas Wellbeing App people can start earning Qantas Points for everyday activities. 

Flyers can maximise their Qantas points by using the airline's Wellbeing App

Flyers can maximise their Qantas points by using the airline’s Wellbeing App 

Walking the dog, cycling to work or running for the bus – they could all add up to more points. 

Users can track their activity by linking their:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Apple Watch
  • Fit Bit
  • Garmin
  • And other fitness tracking apps

Earn extra points by:

  • Completing daily and weekly challenges
  • Competing against other users in a weekly Friends Step Challenge 
  • Completing various tasks such as health and car checks 
  • Referring up to 20 friends for 150 points
  • Signing up to the 28-day trail for 1000 points. After the trial, you can still earn points but at a reduced rate.
  • Take out a Qantas insurance policy or Qantas Premier Titanium credit card

Activities that earn points:

  • 30 minutes of running – up to 12 points
  • One round of golf – up to 19 points
  • Two hours of cycling – up to 21 points
  • 42 minutes of swimming – up to 20 points