Etiquette expert reveals the posh way to eat a Flake

Etiquette expert reveals the elegant way to eat a Flake bar without getting crumbs of chocolate everywhere using the ‘suck’ method

  • London and Berkshire-based Lucy Challenger makes etiquette videos on TikTok 
  • In a recent viral video the 39-year-old discussed posh way to eat a Flake bar
  • Lucy conceded that it is highly unlikely you will be served one in a formal setting
  • However, she offered tips on what to do if you do need to eat one in a posh way

An etiquette expert has revealed the posh way to eat a Flake chocolate bar in the unlikely event you are served one in a formal British dining setting.   

London and Berkshire-based Lucy Challenger, 39, is the founder and CEO of high-end Mayfair agency Polo and Tweed, which sources employees for uber-wealthy clients.

She is also a TikTok and Instagram creator, and has garnered more than 10 million likes for her videos which teach Gen Z social media users the essential manners and etiquette they need to fit in with the upper echelons of society.

Lucy has made a range of videos explaining the proper way to eat various foods – some more tongue-in-cheek than others.

In a recent lighthearted clip, she chose to show viewers her unique technique for eating Flake chocolate bars – crumbly bars that are messy to eat – using what she calls the ‘suck’ method, which allows diners to both savour the sweet treat and to avoid littering their plate with chocolatey crumbs.

In a recent video (pictured) Lucy tackled Flake chocolate bars

Etiquette expert Lucy Challenger (pictured) has made a series of videos on how to formally eat different foods. In a recent video, she tackled Flake chocolate bars

Speaking in the video, she conceded that ‘it is highly unlikely that one would ever be confronted with a Flake within its wrapper to eat in a formal dining setting’. 

‘But if you were,’ she said, ‘I’m going to show you how best to eat it’.

According to Lucy: ‘The important thing is to consider in a formal setting is that we want to eat with small delicate bites, and make sure that hardly any, if any at all, Flake drops onto the plate.’

Explaining why it is appropriate to eat the bar with your hands, she said: ‘With any desserts that are messy or sticky, one would use cutlery.’

But, she notes, with a firm dessert, ‘one can use their hands’.

Talking viewers through what she is doing in the video, Lucy says: ‘I pick up the Flake, and then using my fingers, I simply tear open the packet.’

Using what she describes as the ‘suck’ technique, she adds: ‘I place the Flake into my mouth, gently sucking onto the chocolate to allow the flakes to disintegrate subtly into my mouth. 

‘Once the chocolate begins to melt. I gently bite into the chocolate itself.’ 

Viewers noted how difficult the crumbly bars are to eat, with some expressing admiration for the etiquette expert's technique in eating them so neatly

Viewers noted how difficult the crumbly bars are to eat, with some expressing admiration for the etiquette expert’s technique in eating them so neatly

After taking a bite, she notes: ‘As you can see, no chocolate has flaked onto the plate. This is the perfect way to eat a Flake in a formal British dining setting.’ 

Commentators noted the efficacy of the technique, which created no messy crumbs of chocolate, despite the bar’s famously crumbly texture.

One wrote: ‘Okay the suck technique is actually smart, even in informal situations. I always make a crumbly mess when eating chocolate and biscuits.’

Noting how tricky the bars can be to eat neatly, another added: ‘i’m just surprised you opened it without it going everywhere.’

And a third agreed, writing: ‘more than half of my chocolate is on floor.’