Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts talk ‘special moment’ of being two Black QBs to start a Super Bowl

Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts recognize the ‘special moment’ of making history as the first two black quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl as the Chiefs star admits they are ‘lucky’

Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts understand the significance of making history Sunday night as the first two Black quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl.

The game in Arizona sees two of the NFL’s most dynamic stars go head-to head. Kansas City’s Mahomes, who won his second MVP award and is chasing a second Super Bowl, goes toe-to-toe with Philadelphia’s Hurts, whose side have gone 16-1 when he has started this season.

Seven Black quarterbacks have started a Super Bowl, with three – Doug Williams, Russell Wilson and Mahomes – tasting victory on the NFL’s biggest stage.

‘I think about it a lot,’ Mahomes, 27, said. ‘The quarterbacks that came before me — Shack Harris, Doug Williams – that laid the foundation for me to be in this position. It goes across all sports. If you think about Jackie Robinson and the people who broke the color barrier in baseball, I wouldn’t be standing here today if it wasn’t for them.

‘To be lucky enough to be in this position — and play against another great guy like Jalen — it will be a special moment. I’m glad we’re here today, but how can we keep moving forward? How can we motivate kids who are younger, who want to follow their dreams to be a quarterback?’

Patrick Mahomes (right) and Jalen Hurts (left) will make history as the first two Black quarterbacks to start a Super Bowl Sunday night

Three Black QBs - Doug Williams, Russell Wilson (above) and Mahomes have won Super Bowl

Three Black QBs – Doug Williams, Russell Wilson (above) and Mahomes have won Super Bowl

Hurts, 24, added: ‘I think it’s history. I think it’s something that’s worthy of being noted and it is history. It’s come a long way. I think it’s only been seven African-American quarterbacks to play in the Super Bowl, so to be the first for something is pretty cool. I know it will be a good one.’

In a sport where 70 percent of its players are Black, of the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks, 11 were Black at the start of the season. There are four Black head coaches, with one vacancy to fill.

Asked why it has taken so long for the landmark to happen, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said: ‘There are probably a variety of reasons, probably none of them good, because the reality is that there’s such great talent at that position — Black and white.’

Both men are carrying injuries. Mahomes suffered a high right ankle sprain in the divisional round win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. It hampered his mobility in the AFC Championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but he gutsed it out to reach a third Super Bowl in four years.

Hurts is still feeling the effects of a sprain to his right throwing shoulder, suffered in December.

It is likely that both men will need their powers of evasion. The Eagles topped the NFL with 70 sacks; Kansas City’s was second with 55.

If Mahomes wins, he will become the first Black quarterback to win multiple titles, while Hurts can become the fourth youngest quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid – who was in charge of the Eagles between 1999 and 2012 and is the only coach to rack up over 100 wins for two different NFL teams – paid tribute to Hurts.

The Chiefs star claimed they were 'lucky'

24-year-old Hurts insisted the showdown will 'be a good one'

The Chiefs star claimed they were ‘lucky’ while 24-year-old Hurts insisted it will ‘be a good one’

‘He’ll do nothing but get better with time,’ he said. ‘That’s just how it works at that position. It looks like he’s in complete control of that offense. A real tribute to the kid.’

Nick Sirianni, who has reached the Super Bowl in his second year as Eagles head coach, said: ‘I’m really excited for both quarterbacks, what they can represent to a ton of kids.

‘Not only are they two African-American quarterbacks, but they’re the two best quarterbacks in the NFL this year. First-team All-Pro, second-team All-Pro. They both play at the highest level.’