Fascinating photographs from new book Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground

There’s a secret world within London, behind locked doors and lost entrances. That’s according to a fascinating new book – Hidden London: Discovering the Forgotten Underground – which explores ‘a world of abandoned stations, redundant passageways, empty elevator shafts and cavernous ventilation ducts’ and reveals its discoveries using incredible photography. It claims to be the … Read more

The cruise where you float above the river! See the stunning Irrawaddy in Myanmar from every angle

The cruise where you float… above the river! See the stunning Irrawaddy river in Myanmar from every angle on balloons, kites and boats The Scenic Aura sails on the mystical Irrawaddy river that runs through Myanmar It is an exceptionally luxurious ship, with 22 balcony suites hosting 44 guests  The ship has an almost 1:1 … Read more

Snowflakes AND elephants? A Viking sailing safari along Africa’s shores on a ship with a snow grotto

Standing in a swimsuit, barefoot on the frozen ground, I watched as snowflakes fell around me in the snow grotto. Shivering with cold, I warned the masseur that I was going to succumb to hypothermia.  ‘OK,’ he said, guiding me to the steam room, where he had another questionable treat in store for me: while … Read more

Stunning black-and-white pictures in new teNeues book by Laurent Baheux of lions in Africa

A new coffee table book features stunning black-and-white lion pictures guaranteed to take your breath away. The images in the tome, which is simply titled Lions, were taken by French photographer Laurent Baheux over 17 years during odysseys across Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. The lion, he says, is an animal that he … Read more

First-time buyers close the gap on home movers as the number jumps by nearly 6 per cent

Almost 2,000 more first-time buyers get on the property ladder each month, as they take advantage of cheaper homes, generous mortgages and stamp duty cut First-time buyer numbers jump by 5.8 per cent compared to last year July saw a year-high in the amount lent to people buying their first homes Fewer homeowners are remortgaging than … Read more

McLaren’s GT is a 203mph supercar you can take to the golf club

I’ve been flying the flag on the continent behind the wheel of British supercar-maker McLaren’s powerful new long-legged and refined 203mph GT grand tourer. And before I even pressed the accelerator, I was bowled over by the gorgeous, aerodynamic lines that are elegantly sophisticated rather than shouty and beautiful rather than brash. Nevertheless with its … Read more

HSBC makes it easier to get a mortgage on a zero hours contract as bank relaxes application rules

It’s now easier to get a mortgage on a zero hours contract as HSBC becomes the latest lender to relax the rules for those not in full-time work HSBC relaxes its application rules for zero hours contract workers  Applicants will now have to submit less evidence of income and tax paid Bank says this will help … Read more