The world’s highest settlements revealed from the Peak District and the Rockies to Peru

Some people really do live the high life – because they call extremely lofty settlements home. Here MailOnline Travel reveals, in ascending order, the world’s highest hamlets, towns and cities. Some are accessible only by dangerous hairpin-laden roads, some are snowed in for half the year and some are so remote the only TripAdvisor reviews … Read more

Man, 74, is left with a bulging white mass coming out of his EYE after undergoing cataract surgery

It looks like something straight out of a sci-film. But this ‘gelatinous’ mass protruding from a man’s eye is not a special effect in the latest zombie movie. The unnamed 74-year-old was referred to a cancer clinic when a 10x10mm white lump formed where his right pupil should be. The mass appeared two years after … Read more

Volunteering once a week can give you the same ‘high’ as exercising

Volunteering once a week can give you the same ‘high’ as exercising, experts claim as Royal Voluntary Service asks more young people to sign up Volunteering boosts self-confidence, has a positive impact on mental health Research suggests doing it once a week can elicit the same ‘high’ as exerciseThe new study has been commissioned by charity … Read more

Tourists quit dreadful Catalonia Punta Del Rey Tenerife Tui hotel just two hours into their stay

An outraged tourist decided to check out of his ‘dreadful’ Tui hotel just two hours into his stay, disgusted at finding exposed wiring and cracked tiling in his ‘filthy’ bedroom. Lee Parker, from Beccles, Suffolk, checked into the Catalonia Punta Del Rey in Las Caletillas, Tenerife, expecting a four-star hotel. However, he claims that when … Read more

Health chiefs to tell hospitals how to treat a deadly fungus amid fears it is spreading globally 

Public health bosses will advise hospitals on how to cope with a deadly fungus that has become resistant to most drugs. Candida auris was first identified in 2009 and has since struck hundreds in Britain and the US, among other countries. Hospitals are now struggling to deal with the little-known fungus, prompting health officials in … Read more