Prostate cancer patients could be spared radiotherapy side effects thanks to protective hyrdogel

Thousands of prostate cancer patients could be spared side effects of radiotherapy thanks to gel which protects organs from radiation A new gel could spare prostate cancer patients from radiotherapy side effects NHS bosses have approved its funding and 1,000 men will recieve it in 2020 The gel is injected before radiotherapy and provides cushion … Read more

Taking the controls in a British Airways A350 simulator at BA’s Flight Training Centre near Heathrow

Gulp. Captain Mike Blythe, British Airways Flight Technical and Training Manager for the Airbus A380 and A350 is sitting next to me. ‘Take a deep breath,’ he says. Why? Because I’m about to take a British Airways Airbus A350 down one of London Heathrow’s runways and take-off for the very first time. Ted prepares to … Read more

Rotterdam for under £100 a night!

Windmills and tulips are thin on the ground in Rotterdam, one of the most relentlessly forward-looking cities in Europe.  Much of the centre, devastated during World War II, has a retro-futurist look with striking Sixties architecture.  Now Eurostar offers direct trains from London St Pancras — a journey of barely three hours — it’s high … Read more

Paralysed father, 50, who is ‘locked in his own body’ uses his eyes to spell ‘take me home’

A father-of-three who has been left totally paralysed after developing locked-in syndrome has learnt to spell out words using his eyes. Darren Leith has been ‘buried alive’ ever since he suddenly suffered a brain-stem stroke on April 28 2017. The 50-year-old is able to think, see and feel but cannot eat, talk or move any … Read more

Women who shave their pubic hair or wear tight trousers are ‘more likely to suffer vulva pain’

Women who shave their pubic hair or wear tight trousers are ‘more likely to suffer long-term vulva pain because of friction and higher risk of infection’ Scientists at Boston University found grooming increases the risk of vulvodynia The condition is caused by nerve pain and not easily treatable  Tight trousers also doubled the risk of … Read more

Stop eating the PLACENTA, mothers are told by medical body

Mothers have been told by a medical body there is no known health benefits from eating their placenta. The trend has gained popularity recently, as Kim Kardashian and other A-list celebs admitting to consuming the organ. Advocates claim it can boost iron levels, improve milk supply and eradicate the risk of post-natal depression. But the Society … Read more

Avocado could be doing wonders for our waistlines and diabetes risk – but not if we eat it on toast

Avocados are great for your diet – but not on toast, nutrition researchers say.  It may sound obvious.  Bread, a demonized processed carb, has essentially piggybacked superfood starlet avocado to be accepted, even revered, by clean-eating evangelists.  Even the most devout avo-toasters know avocado is the Cher to bread’s Sonny, nutrition-wise.  But this new study, … Read more