US senators slam Juul for partnering with Big Tobacco and ‘getting a generation hooked on tobacco’ 

Eleven US senators co-signed a letter to Juul demanding the company to reveal the tactics it used to target American youth with its marketing campaigns.  Led by Senator Richard Durbin, of Illinois, the group of lawmakers is also accusing the market-dominating company of contradicting its promises to address the vaping epidemic by partnering with Big … Read more

Woman, 26, with skin condition that causes her body to crack open was left suicidal

A woman has revealed that her rare skin condition which causes her body to crack open once left her suicidal.   Mui Thomas, who resides in Hong Kong, suffers from harlequin ichthyosis, which causes scaly skin that grows at ten times the normal rate.  Growing up, Ms Thomas, whose biological parents abandoned her, experienced bullying and … Read more

How a Western diet hinders the flu jab

Many of us rely on the flu jab to keep us fighting fit during the chilly winter months. But research suggests the fatty Western diet may be hindering the vaccine’s effectiveness. Scientists looked at the effect of the food additive tert-butylhydroquinone (tBHQ) – commonly found in cooking oils, frozen meat, chips and crackers – in … Read more

GPs told to take pictures of suspected skin cancers on their PHONES to slash referrals

GPs have been told to take pictures of suspicious moles on their phones before referring patients to a skin-cancer specialist. Under new plans, general practitioners working across four areas in North East England will have to take three photographs on their mobiles, which then get sent to a consultant for review. The specialist may then … Read more

Guernsey mansion where Victor Hugo penned Les Miserable opens after a stunning £3.8million revamp 

Beautiful Guernsey mansion where Victor Hugo penned Les Misérables re-opens after a stunning £3.8million revamp Author and artist Victor Hugo lived at Hauteville House in Guernsey for 15 years during his exile from France It is now a museum but has been closed for the Past 18 months to undergo an extensive £3.8m restoration  Furniture … Read more

Women with Type 2 diabetes before age of 40 have greatest risk of an early death

Patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before turning 40 are ‘THREE TIMES as likely to die young from a heart attack or stroke’ Type 2 diabetes rates have soared in recent years with spiralling obesity levels Glasgow University researchers looked at around 2million people for the study Those diagnosed before 40 had the greatest risk … Read more