Want a last-minute staycation? Try a youth hostel in the Peak District, known as the English Alps

Here’s a useful little secret for you: Britain’s youth hostels are open for business. They’re cheap, located in beautiful areas and have taken Covid precautions. And best of all, they have vacancies. I stumbled across this information two weeks back. After foreign holidays hit the wall and every B&B in Britain sold out a few … Read more

The Catalan firework festival that will make your Barcelona camping holiday go with a bang

There can be few better holiday moments than the sight of one’s children screaming in terror as explosions light the air all around, followed by an evacuation sequence that brings to mind Saving Private Ryan. It had started tamely enough. While spending a week at the Vilanova Park campsite, about 30 miles south of Barcelona, … Read more

A review of the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem just a short walk from the most revered sites on earth 

Holiness is perhaps an under-rated quality in a hotel. What with the worldly trappings of room service, valet parking and chocolates on pillows – not to mention the Satanic temptation of mini-bars – they are normally unabashed temples of fleshly delights. The Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem, however, is different. Don’t get me wrong: as a … Read more