The pesticides in your Pinot Grigio: Study reveals more than HALF of wines sold on the British high street contain toxic chemicals – so, is your favourite bottle affected?

SIX PESTICIDES  – Feteasca Regala (Romania)   FIVE PESTICIDES – Mimo Moutinho Red Blend (Portugal)  – Marks & Spencer Malbec (France)  – Sainsbury’s Gavi White Wine (Italy)   FOUR PESTICIDES – Valdo Prosecco Rose (Italy)  – Myton Hill Pinot Grigio White Wine (Moldova)   THREE PESTICIDES – La Vieille Ferme Red Wine (France)  – Sainsbury’s Pinot Grigio Trentino … Read more

Shocking moment Asda delivery driver rams PTSD-suffering veteran, 65, in road rage row after he drove in front of him when two lanes merged into one

 Erich Modrowics, 65, says he relives the incident and has sleepless nights By Emily Jane Davies Published: 10:42 GMT, 22 November 2023 | Updated: 12:19 GMT, 22 November 2023 This is the shocking moment an Asda delivery driver rammed PTSD-suffering veteran in a road rage row after he drove in front of him as two … Read more

Revealed: The four main tantrum triggers for kids on planes – and how parents have just 27 minutes to prevent the first meltdown

Unfortunately, flying with young children often means dealing with screaming babies and misbehaving toddlers at 38,000ft. However, parents are in luck – a new mathematical formula has been revealed for ‘tantrum-free’ flights for parents travelling short-haul distances with young children. The formula, unveiled by mathematician Dr Tom Crawford of Oxford University to coincide with the October half-term … Read more

Morrisons WINS battle to take over McColl’s and pledges to keep all 1,100 stores and 16,000 workers

Morrisons WINS battle to buy McColl’s and pledges to keep all 1,100 stores and 16,000 workers after beating billionaire Asda-owning Issa brothers to take control of the collapsed chain Offer expected to see McColl’s stores and workforce preserved in their entirety McColl’s into administration after it was unable to repay nearly £100m of debt Issued … Read more

UK supermarkets slash hundreds of prices as inflation exacerbates cost-of-living crisis

Supermarkets are slashing the prices of hundreds of products as customers face a cost-of-living crisis – with Asda and Morrisons reducing the cost of tea bags, eggs, meat and cereal by up to 13 per cent on average. As part of plans to invest £73 million and supports its staff, Asda is also increasing the … Read more

People reveal the desperate methods they’re using to feed their families

Mother who ‘used to be comfortable’ admits she can’t afford a 55p treat and is skipping meals to feed her children amid cost of living crisis – as parents say they’re ‘choosing between heating and eating’ Mumsnet users from across the UK have revealed how they are cutting costs A mother began the thread by … Read more

Shoppers spot Easter eggs are ALREADY on supermarket shelves

Shell shocked! Astounded shoppers share snaps of chocolate eggs and hot crossed buns ALREADY on supermarket shelves – 16 weeks before Easter British shoppers shocked to find Easter eggs already on sale around the country  Called out supermarkets for ‘rampant consumerism’ as New Years yet to happen  Took snap of Easter eggs, hot cross buns … Read more

Femail finds the best last minute Christmas gifts still available at supermarkets

There’s nothing like the panic of realising that you’ve forgotten to buy a Christmas present for someone and fretting about whether there’s still time to get to the shops.   But if you’re heading to the supermarket for last-minute food shopping today, you could manage to pick up any missing gifts without the hassle of hitting … Read more