Tanya Plibersek breaks silence on being ‘demoted’ to environment portfolio by Anthony Albanese

Tanya Plibersek has admitted she was ‘surprised’ to be saddled with the environment ministry instead of her expected education post. The former Labor deputy leader has been touted as a leadership rival to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese since he took over the party in 2019. The environment and water portfolio was seen as a demotion after … Read more

Labor claim Gilmore as Anthony Albanese comfortably secures majority government with 77 seats

Labor claims Gilmore as Anthony Albanese comfortably secures majority government with 77 seats – leaving teal independents powerless Labor claimed the seat of Gilmore, on NSW’s south coast, on Tuesday afternoon Anthony Albanese now comfortably has a majority government with 77 seats Mr Albanese only needed 76 to claim victory in the federal election Gilmore … Read more

Anthony Albanese confuses minimum pay rise of $1 an hour for $1 a week

Anthony Albanese in ANOTHER blunder after saying Australia’s lowest earners will get $1 extra a WEEK instead of per hour under his plan to boost wages Anthony Albanese made serious blunder on TV about minimum wage pay rise He claimed wage increase would lead to $1 extra a week – instead of every hour  Insiders … Read more

Scott Morrison offers bonus to retirees who sell house so younger families can buy first home 

Scott Morrison offers lucrative $300,000 incentive to retirees who downsize their homes so young families can buy their first property – and claims the incentive will free up 1.3million houses Prime Minister said it will make up to another 1.3million houses available for sale  Proposal also features a two year grace period before asset testing … Read more

Why Anthony Albanese will win the next election because of cost of living, inflation, interest rates

Anthony Albanese is on track to win the May 21 election because inflation is higher than normal – denting the Liberal Party’s claim to be better economic managers. Like triumphant Labor leaders before him – Gough Whitlam in 1972, Bob Hawke in 1983 and Kevin Rudd in 2007, Mr Albanese is set to politically benefit … Read more

Australia election 2022: Anthony Albanese refuses to answer on China’s activity in the Pacific

Anthony Albanese WALKS AWAY from the cameras and hands over to Penny Wong when asked about China – after PM accused him of using ‘human shields’ to dodge tricky questions Anthony Albanese was asked to comment on China’s activity in the Pacific  He declined to answer and instead handed over to Penny Wong in presser  … Read more