Prime Minister Anthony Albanese gains approval from US President Joe Biden during Japan Quad summit

What Anthony Albanese said that brought Joe Biden to stand up and announce he was a ‘brave man’ – as new PM reveals the trip to America where he ‘immersed’ himself in the country Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is already gaining approval During the Quad Summit in Tokyo the Pm was introduced to … Read more

World leaders’ summit: Why Anthony Albanese was wearing a blue badge alongside Biden

Why Anthony Albanese was the ONLY leader wearing a bright blue badge at Quad summit with political heavyweights Anthony Albanese is at the Quad summit in Tokyo with other world leaders  US president and the Japanese and Indian prime ministers also attending Joe Biden, Fumio Kishida and Narendra Modi do not have to wear badges … Read more

The simple switch that will save you $2468 a YEAR on groceries according to Aldi

The simple switch that will save you $2,468 a YEAR on groceries as cost of living rises – as the surprising amount Aussies spend at the supermarket weekly is revealed Aldi Australia has released its 2022 Price Report with some crucial finds As the cost of living increases Australians are looking for better grocery prices  … Read more

Rare white kangaroo seen bounding through the Queensland outback

Rare white leucistic kangaroo seen bounding through the Queensland outback by stunned property owner Rare white kangaroo was photographed in outback Queensland this week Experts believe it is likely to be a leucistic kangaroo, rather than an albino  The same white kangaroo was spotted on the remote property six months ago By Andrew Prentice For Daily … Read more

Australia India trade deal major win for winemakers, farmers and miners amid China tension

Australia signs HUGE trade deal with India in major win for winemakers, lobster fishermen, macadamia farmers and miners as it moves to reduce reliance on China – here’s what’s about to get cheaper Australia to sign landmark $24billion trade deal with India on Saturday  Tariffs eliminated on more than 85 per cent of exports to … Read more

Real estate: Tiny Sydney apartment in Birchgrove sells for $1.5million – $700,000 over asking price

The property that sums up Sydney’s runaway real estate market: Tiny one-bedroom flat with a VERY original toilet sells for $1.5MILLION – $700,000 higher than its listing price Birchgrove apartment sold for $1.5million having earlier been listed at $750,000 Apartment has a bizarre clear toilet set with images of seashells on it The average price of … Read more

Australia weather: Possible severe storms expected to hit NSW and QLD as Western Australia swelters

Two Australian states to be HAMMERED by wild weather bringing torrential downpours and strong winds – here’s what you can expect for the final days of summer Queensland and New South Wales warned to brace for more storms on Saturday  BoM warns possible thunderstorms may become severe in parts of QLD & NSW  Meanwhile Western … Read more

Cleo Smith’s mum claims the kidnapped four-year-old ‘LOVES the attention’ of her newfound fame

Cleo Smith’s mother has claimed her daughter ‘loves’ her newfound fame, although she is still yet to understand why strangers recognise her in the street.  The four-year-old was abducted from a tent on October 16 while on a weekend family holiday at the Blowholes campsite in Western Australia. Cleo quickly became perhaps the most well-known … Read more

Western Australia bushfires: Residents in Martin, Perth, warned to ‘act immediately to survive’

‘Act immediately to survive’: Urgent warning to thousands of Aussies as two out of control bushfires rage in Western Australia Thousands of Australians are under threat as two fires rage in Western Australia  Residents in Martin, in Perth’s southeast, are being warned to act immediately  Same advice has been issued to people in the firing … Read more

NSW government pays dogs $200,000 a year to chase seagulls away from diners at Sydney Opera House

REVEALED: The bizarre job given to dogs that will see their owners pocket $200,000 a year… and it’s paid for by the NSW government A pair of dogs are paid $200k to chase seagulls from the Sydney Opera House   Mad Dogs And Englishmen train the dogs to chase the pests away from diners The company … Read more