NSW government pays dogs $200,000 a year to chase seagulls away from diners at Sydney Opera House

REVEALED: The bizarre job given to dogs that will see their owners pocket $200,000 a year… and it’s paid for by the NSW government A pair of dogs are paid $200k to chase seagulls from the Sydney Opera House   Mad Dogs And Englishmen train the dogs to chase the pests away from diners The company … Read more

Children will be allowed to go to school barefoot despite experts rubbishing it

Children will be allowed to go to school BAREFOOT despite experts rubbishing claims it ‘nourishes’ them and improves balance and coordination ‘Progressive’ school plans to allow young students to attend classes bare foot Left-field move outlined in Inglewood Primary School’s newsletter for parents Follows claims it will ‘aid posture, develop sensory awareness and toughen feet’ … Read more

Canberra is Australia’s most expensive for house, apartment renters, SQM Research data October 2021

The surprising city with the most expensive rents in Australia… and the place where you can still grab a bargain – but you’d better be quick Canberra is Australia’s most expensive city for house and apartment renters Median house rent of $716 is even dearer than Sydney’s $704, Melbourne’s $523 SQM Research data only tight … Read more

Glamorous couple at war with celebrity architect over plan to build luxury high rise apartments

Glamorous couple at war with celebrity architect over his plan to build a luxury apartment block as they claim it threatens their ‘iconic’ $3.7million home Barrister Daniel Clarry and wife Sarah appeal luxury development next door They claim the Arcilla apartments are too big for their Brisbane street The development is designed by celebrity Brisbane … Read more

Tasmanians and Victorians are wowed by mesmerising aurora as nature puts on a special light show

Millions of Australians are wowed by mesmerising aurora as nature puts on a special light show BOM stated lucky Victorians and Tasmanians could witness show Thursday night Bureau’s Space Weather Services stated a ‘geomagnetic storm’ was occurring The stunning lights were seen as far north as the Mallee in Victoria and Perth, WA Residents shared … Read more

NSW Transport Minister Rob stokes reveals Sydney inner west light rail will shut down for 18 months

BREAKING NEWS: Chaos as Sydney’s ENTIRE inner west light rail line will be shut down for up to 18 MONTHS due to cracks in tram carriages NSW Transport decommissions inner west light rail line for up to 18 months  Cracks up to 30cm long were discovered on wheel arches of 12 Sydney trams  Bus services … Read more

WA Police fear ‘opportunistic’ abduction of Cleo Smith as painstaking operation sifts through calls

Polices conducting the painstaking search for clues to the disappearance of little Cleo Smith now fear it was a calculated but ‘opportunistic’ abduction, with investigators scouring the dark web for any images of the four-year-old. Detectives now believe the predator who took Cleo from her family tent at the Blow Holes campsite in Western Australia … Read more

Inside the Sydney apartment block where walls are CRACKING and an engineer fears it could collapse

A Sydney apartment building has been described as being ‘highly vulnerable’ to collapsing and a ‘risk to occupants’ with huge cracks appearing in its foundation. The 100-flat, ten-storey Vicinity complex in Canterbury in western Sydney was only built six years ago but an engineer said a collapse could cause ‘catastrophic damage’. The developer, Toplace Group, … Read more

France sends its ambassador back to Australia after furious row over $90billion submarine deal

France sends its ambassador back to Australia with ‘two missions’ after furious row over $90billion submarine deal Australia scrapped a $90billion deal to buy French submarines in September   In response France recalled their ambassador in Canberra under protest  Australia instead opted for a different submarine deal with the US and UK  The French ambassador was … Read more

Mum forced to live in a SHIPPING CONTAINER after signing house over to daughter

A heartbroken mum says she’s been left homeless and living in a ‘claustrophobic’ shipping container after gifting her house to her daughter, who then kicked her out. Varina Quinn, who lived at the property near Toowoomba in Queensland for 15 years, claims she made an agreement with her daughter Rachel to hand over ownership of … Read more