Mystery Colston Four member makes £12,000 after auctioning off signed Banksy T-shirt

An unknown member of the ‘Colston Four’ has made £12,000 after auctioning off a signed T-shirt that was personally given to them by Banksy ahead of their trial.  Rhian Graham, 30, Milo Ponsford, 26, Sage Willoughby, 22, and Jake Skuse, 33, were prosecuted for pulling down the statue of 17th century slave trader Colston during … Read more

Blackface Morris dancers defy critics to entertain crowd while still wearing controversial make-up 

Blackface Morris dancers yesterday defied critics to entertain a May Day pub crowd, while still wearing their controversial make-up. Members of the Britannia Coconut Dancers in Bacup, Lancashire, split from The Joint Morris Organisation, the umbrella group which represents the country’s 800 dancing teams, after being told to stop painting their faces black in 2020.  … Read more

Bank of England discovers it owned 599 slaves in Grenada in the 1770s

Bank of England discovers it owned 599 slaves in Grenada in the 1770s after claiming it was ‘never directly involved’ in the trade The Bank of England owned 599 slaves when it bought two plantations in 1770s  The revelation came to light in research after 2020 Black Lives Matter protests A new exhibition showcases the … Read more

US agency acknowledges damage done to 112 million-year-old dinosaur tracks in Utah

Dinosaur tracks as old as 112 million years have been wiped from history in southeastern Utah by heavy machinery used to rebuild a boardwalk at the popular tourist area, U.S. officials say. The damage at the Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite, near Moab, includes several of the footprints getting fractured around the rims, the U.S. Bureau … Read more

New rules for schools will ban teachers from discussing topics such as Black Lives Matter

New rules for schools to BAN woke teachers from ‘left-wing brainwashing’ pupils over topics such as Black Lives Matter, Israel and Palestine, and the British Empire Education Secretary said new rules forbid ‘promoting contested theories as fact’ Teachers will not be able to give one-sided accounts of historic national heroes  These include Winston Churchill, who … Read more

Attorney General ‘a disgrace’ for saying she may send Colston case to Appeal Court, say critics

The Attorney General is ‘a disgrace’ for saying she might send the Edward Colston statue case to the Court of Appeal, critics have said, after a jury cleared four demonstrators who toppled the slaver’s monument of criminal damage.  Suella Braverman said she was considering referring the case so the law can be ‘clarified for future … Read more

Silurian Border Morrismen vote to stop dancing with blacked up faces – and switch to green

Silurian Border Morrismen vote to ditch 500-year tradition of dancing with blacked up faces – and switch to green paint instead The Joint Morris Organisation have voted to stop dancing with blacked up faces Instead they will switch to green paint, ditching a tradition around for 500 years The Silurian Border Morrismen said they wanted … Read more

Social media users are torn over VERY passive aggressive noise complaint

‘We believe your life matters, respect our lives too’: Outraged man shares ‘racist’ noise complaint letter sent to his black friend – but some claim it’s a ‘polite request’ and nothing to do with race London-based Twitter user shared a note his friend received from a neighbour  Posting under handle @ElPapiShow, asked followers to spot … Read more

New Jersey officials approved BLM mural and then painted over BLM-inspired fist with white box

A Black Lives Matter mural that was approved by officials in a New Jersey city was covered up after a few residents complained about the ‘political undertones’ of the BLM-inspired raised fists.  A group of recent Clifton High School grads – led by May Yuasa, 19 – painted murals on both sides of a Garden … Read more

Bristol schoolchildren will get new book on history of the slave trade in city

Schoolchildren will learn more about Bristol’s involvement in the transatlantic slave trade with a new textbook created by teachers and historians.  It comes after last year’s Black Lives Matter protests and the toppling of the Edward Colston statue.  Eight history teachers in Bristol worked together with Bristol museums and historians to research and write the … Read more