Radio signal sent from galaxy nearly nine billion light years away is received by scientist on earth

Radio signal sent from galaxy nearly nine billion light years away is received by scientist on earth It could allow astronomers to peer back and learn more about the early universe The signal came from a galaxy when the universe was just 4.9billion years old By Christian Oliver For Mailonline Published: 15:31 GMT, 21 January 2023 … Read more

Airbnb bans one-night NYE bookings in bid to stop properties being used for ‘disruptive parties’ 

Airbnb bans one-night New Year’s Eve bookings across the world in bid to stop properties being used for ‘disruptive parties’ The anti-party restrictions are in effect in 11 countries, from the U.S to the UK The heightened rules are being rolled out following a successful trial last year  Airbnb’s NYE defences have been activated over … Read more

Sleep consultant reveals her top tips for parents struggling to get their children to bed at night

A sleep consultant has shared her top tips for parents who are struggling to get their kids to bed at night – including ignoring them when they cry, spending time outside during the day, and having a regular wake-up time. Leanne Palmerston, 51, a perinatal professional and baby sleep expert from Hamilton, Toronto, Canada, revealed … Read more

‘Catfisher’ says she used makeup to convince the internet she has a daughter – but it’s actually her

A woman who has been labeled as ‘the world’s best catfish’ on TikTok due to her amazing ability to transform her appearance has revealed how she makes herself look years younger with the help of makeup – and tape. Chloe Fountain, from Windsor, Canada, who hasn’t revealed her age, often leaves her viewers stunned when … Read more

Woman, 25, shares how she achieves Botox-like effect by TAPING her face

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after revealing her hack for looking ‘young forever’ – with skin tape.  She showed off the Botox-like results in a video of her makeup-free face, with the adhesives covering her forehead, eyebrows, nose and smile lines Valerie, 25, from Canada, explained that she initially began the practice because … Read more

Second British passenger reveals he and five F1 colleagues were ordered off flight by armed police

A second British passenger has told how he and five colleagues from the Williams Formula 1 Racing team were ordered off an Air Canada flight by armed police for ‘no apparent reason’. Jordan Conlan, 28, and his workmates including a pregnant woman were ejected just before the Heathrow-bound plane left Montreal after last weekend’s Grand … Read more

Twitter tests new ‘Notes’ feature that allows users to share 2,500-word blog-style posts

Twitter is testing a new feature called ‘Notes’, which lets users post blogs of up to 2,500 words – and even edit them if they want to.  Notes, which is being trialled with a small group of writers from the UK, the US, Canada and Ghana, lets people post text, photos, videos, GIFs and embedded … Read more