ALEX BRUMMER: Budget risk of rising rates

ALEX BRUMMER: Combination of big spending and monetary laxity is stoking future inflation fears, sending interest rate yields higher By Alex Brummer for the Daily Mail Published: 21:53 GMT, 26 February 2021 | Updated: 21:53 GMT, 26 February 2021 The fretwork of any budget is the state of the public finances. The closer we have … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Labour’s false narrative on Serco’s Test and Trace

Serco is not among Britain’s best-loved companies, in spite of the mammoth effort by Rupert Soames to restore its standing. The outsourcer’s reputation was badly scorched in 2019 when it paid £23million to the Serious Fraud Office as part settlement over cheating on its electronic tagging contracts. For all its faults, though, it does not … Read more

ALEX BRUMMER: Boris boosts confidence

Boris Johnson’s slow coach to Covid-19 freedom day on June 21 is cautious. It is seen by critics as eroding Britain’s hard-won vaccination advantage. Yet, in its own way, it is bold. For the first time in a year of a stop-go approach to the health and fiscal responses to the pandemic, consumers and businesses … Read more