Caribbean out of season? It’s out of this world, says TV presenter Andrea Catherwood

The turtles have been disloyal. That’s what Keilu, our water sports supremo, tells us mournfully on our first morning. Normally, you can just snorkel out to them, but after a few days of rough seas they headed off and haven’t returned. Keilu seems genuinely upset by their desertion. But his inability to produce aquatic reptiles … Read more

Discovering south-east Sicily, an architectural wonder

Wherever your travels lead in southeast Sicily, you’re never far from 1693. The earthquake of January that year destroyed more than 70 cities, killing some 60,000 people —including two-thirds of the population of Catania. Which makes the Baroque cities, built with such nerve and verve following the quake, so awe-inspiring — both from an architectural … Read more

The inside story on cycling safaris in Africa

Saddle up for a really wild ride: The inside story on cycling safaris in Africa Cycle safaris tend to be small group tours with an average of 16 guests  Travelling on a bike is practically silent, so you see more animals undisturbed But you’re unlikely to see the ‘big five’ African safari animals from your … Read more