AMANDA PLATELL: Jennifer Aniston is defying age with beauty – but it cannot mask her secret sorrow

Jennifer Aniston appears on a magazine cover wearing tiny Yves Saint Laurent leather hotpants a supermodel might struggle to get away with — and we gape in awe. How could a 51-year-old woman look so hot? How could the Rachel we fell in love with a quarter of a century ago on Friends — still … Read more

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Planner behind Beckham reception to organise Princess Bea’s wedding festivities

Buckingham Palace could soon be given a blingtastic makeover.  I hear that the party planner who masterminded David and Victoria Beckham’s £500,000 Irish castle reception is expected to organise Princess Beatrice’s wedding festivities. At the Beckhams’ nuptials, the footballer and his wife sat on golden thrones, so speculation will be feverish about how Prince Andrew’s elder … Read more

JOHN HUMPHRYS: Sorry Boris, your vision of the future is out of date

Boris Johnson might as well have made this week’s announcement about the go-ahead for a £106 billion high-speed rail link wearing a silk cravat and a frock coat. Here was a prime minister making grandiose promises to transform this nation through steel, just as his Victorian predecessors — Peel, Disraeli, Gladstone —had thrilled to iron. … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: Dominic Cummings is dangerous and not a Tory at all

After Thursday’s Cabinet bloodbath, and the unexpected resignation of the Chancellor, I have a slight sense of foreboding. This Government is more tempestuous and unstable than I’d like it to be. There’s no denying that in the past few weeks Boris Johnson has shown himself admirably – and, to me, somewhat unexpectedly – decisive on … Read more