Pennsylvania school board treasurer can’t vote for a ‘cis white male’ candidate for president 

Shocking moment woke Pennsylvania school board treasurer says she cannot vote for ‘the only cis white male’ candidate for president – despite admitting he’d do an ‘excellent’ job Upper Moreland School Board treasurer Jennifer Solot said she could not vote for a white male to be their new president despite his qualifications  ‘I feel that … Read more

January 6 defendant APOLOGIZES for entering Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley’s office

‘I hold politicians in the highest regard’: January 6 defendant sends letter to Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley apologizing for raiding his office after pleading guilty to entering the Capitol and texting a friend saying ‘Id do time for Trump’ Jan. 6 defendant Francis Connor is seeking lesser sentence  He said there was ‘zero malicious intent’ … Read more

Jan 6 panel subpoenas Trump’s former White House counsel Pat Cipollone for ‘on the record’ testimony

January 6 panel subpoenas Trump’s former White House counsel Pat Cipollone for ‘on the record’ testimony about him ‘repeatedly raising legal concerns’ over Trump’s actions on day of the Capitol riot Former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone was subpoenaed Wednesday for public testimony before the January 6 select committee Panel claimed they ‘revealed evidence that Mr. … Read more

John Cornyn says he was joking when he said he would work on immigration reform after the gun bill

GOP gun bill negotiator John Cornyn says he was joking when he said he would move on to immigration reform now that gun bill is in hand John Cornyn is walking back his comment saying he will work an immigration deal after negotiating with Democrats on gun reform legislation The bipartisan bill passed the Senate … Read more

73% of Trump voters think Democrats are trying to REPLACE white people to win more votes

A new poll shows that 73 percent of Trump voters believe that Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color to shore up more votes.  The so-called ‘Great Replacement Theory’ was cited by an 18-year-old white gunman who shot 10 black people at a grocery store in Buffalo, N.Y. weeks … Read more

Trump impeachment lawyer runs for Congress against Bill de Blasio, Rep. Mondaire Jones in New York

The prosecutor worked on House Democrats’ first impeachment of Donald Trump is running for Congress, he announced on Wednesday, aiming to clinch an empty seat that’s also being eyed-off by former New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. Attorney Daniel Goldman is joining the race for New York’s newly-created 10th Congressional District, adding one more … Read more

GOP prepares ‘ARMY’ of lawyers to contest upcoming elections in battleground Michigan – Report 

The Michigan GOP is building a vast network aimed at challenging and overturning election results in the battleground state’s heavily Democratic areas – using an ‘army’ of specially-trained poll workers and attorneys, a new report revealed on Wednesday. Michigan Republicans are training right-wing activists to be poll workers via an ‘Election Inspector and Poll Challenger … Read more

‘Not sure’ beats Biden AND Kamala in who voters want to see as the Dem to run for President in 2024

‘Not sure’ option beats Biden AND Kamala in who voters would want to see as the Democrat to run for President in 2024, another dire poll finds A new poll released Monday shows that most voters are ‘not sure’ which Democrats they want to see run on the 2024 presidential ticket  Of the 981 registered voters … Read more

Amazon accused by US Congress of withholding information during anti-trust probe

The House Judiciary Committee provided the following timeline of its interactions with Amazon:  Third-Party Seller Data  Round One July 16, 2019: Nate Sutton, Amazon’s Associate General Counsel for Competition, testifies under oath about Amazon’s use of third-party sellers’ data in its private-label business and states that ‘we do not use any seller data for—to compete … Read more