Twitter quietly makes a HUGE change to the platform in a desperate attempt to encourage users to pay £11/month for Twitter Blue – here’s how it will affect you

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system of ‘Blue Tick’ verification on Twitter, for a reduced subscription fee of $8 a month. November 4: Musk lays off half of Twitter’s workforce as an alleged cost-cutting measure, … Read more

NASA manages to produce enough oxygen on Mars to sustain an astronaut for a few hours – raising hopes for future colonies on the Red Planet

Whenever the first astronauts land on Mars, they may have to thank a microwave-oven-sized device for the air they breathe.  That’s because a small, golden cube aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover has produced enough oxygen on the Red Planet to keep a human alive, at least for a while.  In total, the MOXIE instrument has made 122 … Read more

SpaceX unveils secretive ‘Starshield’ network to support the US military 

Elon Musk’s SpaceX unveils secretive ‘Starshield’ variation of its Starlink satellites that are designed to support the US military Musk’s firm has quietly revealed an ambitious business venture called Starshield SpaceX claims the venture will be dedicated to supporting US national security It will initially focus on hosted payloads, Earth observation and communications By Jonathan Chadwick For … Read more

Twitter offers advertisers incentives – matching $500K in spending as Elon Musk platform struggles

Twitter offers a $500K advertiser spending match incentive as Elon Musk’s platform struggles to bring back 50 brands – and ad execs say it doesn’t dispel safety concerns Twitter has offered a $500K spending match incentive to advertisers as a way to lure them back to the platform  The new plan applies to spending that … Read more

Twitter’s former head of safety says platform is LESS safe under Elon Musk and decries layoffs

Twitter’s former head of trust and safety says platform is LESS safe under Elon Musk – despite the network cracking down on a hateful trolling campaign after mogul’s purchase Twitter’s former head of trust and safety Yoel Roth now says that the platform is less safe under Elon Musk’s leadership  However, the network took down … Read more

Elon Musk is putting Twitter at risk of BILLIONS in FTC fines, company lawyer warns

A lawyer working for Twitter warns that the social network could face billions in fines from the FTC over potential violations of the consent decree it’s been under – resulting from Elon Musk’s rapid-fire changes that impact user privacy.   The note that was posted to the company’s Slack and was viewable by all staffers goes … Read more

Elon Musk sells $4 BILLION of Tesla shares in third-biggest dump since launching bid to buy Twitter

Elon Musk’s net worth dropped below $200 billion on Tuesday as investors dumped Tesla Inc shares on fears the top executive and largest shareholder of the world’s most valuable electric-vehicle maker is more preoccupied with Twitter.  Musk now has a net worth of $197.4 billion, according to Forbes, with a big share of that coming … Read more

Elon Musk is planning to build his own airport outside of Austin

Elon Musk is reportedly planning to build an airport for himself and top executives at his companies outside of Austin.  Conceptual plans have been confirmed for the private airport, which would be somewhere east of Austin, near Bastrop, sources told Austonia. The exact location and a potential timetable were not revealed by the publication. In … Read more

Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 named ‘most American-made cars’ in new survey

Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 named ‘most American-made cars’ in new survey – but Elon Musk has yet to be invited to EV events by the White House named Tesla Model Y ‘the most American-made car’ in a new survey The survey also showed the Tesla Model 3 in second place However, President … Read more

SpaceX launches a Falcon 9 booster for a record-setting 13th flight TODAY

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 for its 13th flight on Friday, setting a new record for the most times one of its rockets have ventured off into space and returned safely back on Earth.  The two-stage booster, known as B1060, ignited its nine Merlin engines at 12:09pm while on Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy … Read more