The Sandman becomes the most watched show on Netflix as fans gush about the ‘masterpiece’

‘The BEST screen adaptation of a comic series I have ever seen’: The Sandman becomes the most watched show on Netflix – unseating Virgin River – as fans flock to Twitter to gush about the ‘masterpiece’ The highly-anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s bestselling graphic novel premiered on the streaming channel on Friday  The Sandman stars actor Tom … Read more

Job applicant responds to rejection letter with a hilarious meme – and ends up scoring an INTERVIEW

‘Y tho’: Job applicant responds to a rejection letter with a hilarious meme – and ends up scoring an INTERVIEW with the company TikTok user @swedishswan shared her story in a now-viral video, saying she had woken up to ‘another rejection letter’ from a job she had applied for She explained that she really wanted … Read more

Samuel Levi pays $27 for a salad from a café in Auckland

You won’t BELIEVE the amount furious diner paid for this ‘tiny’ Caesar salad: ‘It’s daylight robbery’ A former reality television star was shocked after receiving a ‘tiny’ salad  Samuel Levi paid $27 for what appears to be a Caesar salad   The 29-year-old ordered the dish while at a café in Auckland  Samuel said dubbed the small dish … Read more

Snaps capture hilarious examples of harmless vandalism

Not even mad! These harmless acts of vandalism are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face Social media users have shared hilarious examples of harmless vandalism Best examples from around the world have been collected by Why These   Includes stop signs graffitied with Vanilla Ice and Queen song lyrics  One person used spray paint … Read more

Geneva Vanderzeil shares how she created a stylish TV unit from scratch with materials from Bunnings

DIY pro reveals how she made a stylish wooden TV unit from scratch that looks just like designer versions costing as much as $800 DIY queen has shared how she created a chic entertainment unit from scratch  Geneva Vanderzeil designed the unit and made it with materials from Bunnings  She attached two pine panels cut … Read more

Why you should always check the ‘specials’ sticker at the supermarket

Shopper is outraged after spotting that the ‘specials’ tag at Coles shows a more expensive price: ‘Watch out for this hidden catch’ A customer noticed a ‘specials’ sticker at Coles was higher than the original cost The woman claims a box of women’s razor blades was $10.80 for a pack of 4 But in a photo … Read more

How to earn thousands of frequent flyer points by tracking your steps on the Qantas Wellbeing app

How travellers are scoring thousands of free Qantas points just by WALKING An Aussie traveller has shared how she’s racking up thousands of Qantas points Qantas’ Wellbeing app rewards users with points for being active during the day The woman said is earning hundreds of points a day by tracking her step count She shared her … Read more

Prince William and Kate are seen climbing into a helicopter alongside George, Charlotte and Louis

Prince Louis was seen dashing toward a private helicopter as Prince William and Kate Middleton jetted off for their family holidays with their children and spaniel Orla on Monday night. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 40, and Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, seven, Prince Louis, four, and their black cocker spaniel Orla were … Read more

Camilla hails bravery of domestic abuse survivors in ITV documentary about her private life

‘It’s incredibly moving’: Camilla hails bravery of domestic abuse survivors as she attends photo exhibition in ITV documentary about her life behind the scenes Duchess of Cornwall, 74, appeared in ITV documentary, Camilla’s Country Life The intimate film offered a glimpse into Camilla’s childhood and private life  As Camilla guest edited Country Life magazine she … Read more