Tricky quiz challenges you to name these hit TV shows and films – so can YOU guess all 10?

Picture quiz challenges you to name the film or TV shows based on what a character’s bedroom might look like – so do YOU have what it takes to score full marks? London-based company Nido Student designed a TV and film-themed quiz Players are tasked with naming shows and movies from bedroom illustrations Most people … Read more

Irish traveller sisters reveal they have to disguise their accents to get into restaurants

A pair of Irish traveller sisters have revealed they put on posh voices to disguise their accents when booking restaurants to stop from being turned away. Caitlin Mac, 20, and younger sister Lizzie, 18, from St Albans, have racked up 152,000 followers on TikTok after posting clips sharing an insight into life as an Irish traveller … Read more

Puppy swallows a pair of AirPods which still work after being removed

AirPup! Vets surgically remove Apple headphones from a Golden Retriever’s digestive system after he mistook the case for a treat – and his amazed owner says they STILL work and ‘don’t have a scratch’ Rachel Hick, 22, from Willerby, Hull was taking picture of golden retriever Jimmy Her Apple AirPods fell out of her pocket and her … Read more

Woman admits she’s bitter that a friend bought a two-bedroom house with help from parents

Woman struggling to save for her ‘dream house’ admits she feels ‘bitter’ that a friend bought a two-bed home after her father gifted her ‘half of the money’ but is told to ‘stop comparing herself to others’ Anonymous woman, who lives in the UK, is struggling to buy her ‘dream house’ Posting on Mumsnet, explained … Read more

Airport security guard and delivery man look completely different after a 10 Years Younger makeover 

An airport security guard and a delivery man looked completely different after a stint on Channel 5’s 10 Years Younger in 10 Days last night.  British single mother Michelle, 56, said her confidence plummeted when  her daughter’s father left her 26 years ago on her first Mother’s Day. She took part in the show alongside … Read more

ASOS praised by shoppers for using model who wears a cochlear implant

ASOS is praised for using deaf model with a cochlear implant to advertise £5 earrings as customers with hearing impairments say it’s ‘refreshing to see people like them’ Model Natasha Ghouri, who was born deaf, was pictured on ASOS’s website Her cochlear implant was pictured as she modelled ASOS’s mushroom earrings Social media users said … Read more

Location, Location, Location viewers slam ‘pretentious’ first-time buyers

Viewers branded it ‘karma’ after a couple missed out on their dream first property together after squabbling over paying an extra £5,000 to secure the final deal on Location, Location, Location – despite it being £30,000 under their £750,000 budget.  In last night’s episode of the Channel 4 show, professional dancer Georgie and insurance underwriter … Read more