Soft drink addict who guzzled 30 litres a WEEK ditches the habit to drop 63 kilograms

Soft drink ‘addict’, 37, who guzzled 30 litres of Coca Cola a WEEK ditches the habit to drop 63 kilograms – and she didn’t have to change her high calorie diet Carissa Santiano weighed 127 kilos before she decided to overhaul her bad habit  The 37-year-old from Sydney was drinking 30 litres of soft drink … Read more

You heard it here first… I’m deaf: JENNI MURRAY refused to accept she was losing her hearing

Curled up on the sofa one Saturday night, I was watching a TV drama with my family. ‘Watching’ being the right word, as most of what was being said escaped me. Being someone who prides herself on her immaculate diction, I complained loudly, and in a slightly snooty manner, about: ‘These young actors. They mumble … Read more

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, 51, is hospitalised following a skiing accident in Switzerland

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark has been hospitalised following a skiing accident in Switzerland last week. Frederik, 51, sustained a ‘minor injury’ to his left shoulder on the slopes at Verbier in southwestern Switzerland, an exclusive resort where he regularly holidays with wife Crown Princess Mary, 48, and their four children. A royal winter playground, … Read more

If the woke Fashion Week warriors really cared about saving the planet, they’d abolish themselves

The weather forecast has become drearily repetitive; tonight – rain, tomorrow – rain, and for the foreseeable future – wind and rain. Not that celebrities attending London Fashion week were that bothered, judging by their outfits.  In the run-up to the shows, we were told that designers were highly ‘concerned’ about the environment, determined to … Read more