Grandma buys granddaughter a onesie with printed nipple tassels, thong and a ‘tramp stamp’

Grandmother is branded ‘disgusting’ for buying her granddaughter a onesie printed with nipple tassels, a thong and a ‘tramp stamp’ Woman, from US, shared the onesie a grandmother bought her granddaughter It’s printed with nipple tassels, a thong, and even has ‘tramp stamp’ on the back  Parents were left outraged and branded it ‘gross’ for … Read more

The Queen travels to Buckingham Palace ahead of Prince Andrew’s birthday 

Her Majesty’s wash bag! The Queen is spotted with a playful dog-printed toiletries case as she leaves Windsor Castle for Buckingham Palace The Queen, 93, travelled from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace today The royal wrapped up warm with a colourful silk scarf and a pair of sunglasses Travelled with a red handbag as well … Read more

Autumn Phillips seen going out for the last time before announcing her split from Peter Phillips 

A photo of Autumn Phillips enjoying a rare night out on the town in November has resurfaced, and may have been the first sign of her split from Peter Phillips.  The Canadian former events assistant, 41, who married the Queen’s grandson Peter, 42, in 2008, and shares daughters Savannah, 9, and Isla, 7, with the … Read more

Holocaust denier clashes with David Baddiel as he accuses Jewish people of ‘hating Europeans’

David Baddiel struggles to contain his anger during a dramatic confrontation with a Holocuast denier, who accuses Jewish people of ‘hating Europeans’, ‘sacrificing Christian babies’ and ‘controlling the BBC’ in a new documentary.  The comedian, 55, from London, whose mother Sarah escaped to the UK from Nazi Germany as a newborn with her parents in 1939, explored … Read more

Stacey Dooley meets anorexia sufferer, 24, who hadn’t eaten for 2 weeks and tried to commit suicide

An anorexia sufferer who tried to throw herself off a motorway bridge after not eating for two weeks has told how her condition took hold when she was sexually assaulted twice at the age of 16. Laura, 24, features on Stacey Dooley’s new BBC Three documentary after she is admitted to Springfield Hospital in London, … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘loyal staff’ are likely to feel ‘let down’, says Katie Nicholl

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s ‘extremely loyal staff’ are likely to feel ‘let down’ after being sacked amid the couple’s ‘poorly-managed’ departure from public life, royal expert claims Katie Nicholl said Prince Harry and Meghan’s ‘loyal staff’ will feel ‘let down’  Added it was clear indication they won’t split time between the UK and Canada Said … Read more

Prisoner opens up about 10 year relationship with fellow inmate on Channel 4 documentary 

A prisoner has opened up about 10 year relationship with fellow inmate as she admitted they have sex in their cells, take showers together and exchange dirty letters in a Channel 4 documentary.  Laura Campbell, from Derbyshire, appears in the series ‘Prison’ tonight, which follows inmates living at women’s prison HMP Foston Hall.  She opens … Read more

Harry’s departure from royal life has brought Charles and William together says royal commentator

Prince Harry’s departure from royal life has brought his brother Prince William and his father Prince Charles closer, a royal commentator has claimed.  Speaking to OK! magazine, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, said that the bond uniting Charles, 71, and William, 37, has only grown stronger since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped … Read more

One-year-old girl rings bell to mark the end of her cancer battle in viral video

Heart-rending video of a one-year-old girl gleefully ringing a bell to celebrate the end of her cancer battle captures the hearts of MILLIONS Chance Moore, 28, from Hilliard, Ohio, took to TikTok this week to share a video of his daughter Eliza ringing the bell at Nationwide Children’s Hospital In the clip, his wife Kate … Read more