We DON’T just take off and land! I’m a pilot and here’s what we REALLY do during those long-haul 18-hour flights

For most  on board, long-haul flights are endured with a sleep mask, a few films or TV shows… but for the pilots flying the plane, it’s a very different story.  Despite common belief, pilots have a lot more to do in the skies after switching to autopilot, and one pilot has taken to TikTok to … Read more

TSA agents are caught on surveillance camera stealing from passengers’ luggage at Miami International Airport

TSA agents are caught on surveillance camera stealing from passengers’ luggage at Miami International Airport Footage shows two TSA agents stealing $600 from a passenger’s wallet Agents Labrrius Williams and Josue Gonzalez have been charged Camera shows them stealing from passengers at MIA checkpoint E on June 29 Were you one of the affected passengers? … Read more

Disney Cruise Line unveils its brand-new ship, launching in 2024 – with features including a Mickey Mouse ride, an Aladdin-inspired ‘grand hall’ and a Zootopia sweet shop

Disney has unveiled its latest cruise ship – with renderings revealing dazzling interiors. Disney Treasure, Disney Cruise Line’s sixth ship, is slated to set sail from Florida on her inaugural cruise in December 2024. The 4,000-passenger ship, which measures 1,119ft (341m) in length and weighs approximately 144,000 gross tons, is being constructed at Germany’s Meyer Werft … Read more

Ripped airline pilot reveals very unique hotel room workout he uses to stay in shape in shirtless video that sees him shoulder pressing a chair, curling with a mini fridge, and using a MATTRESS as a full body weight

You’ll never look at a hotel mini fridge the same.   A super buff airline pilot has revealed how you can stay fit in your hotel room, by using various pieces of furniture as makeshift gym equipment – including the cooling unit.  Joey Miuccio, 28, from Florida, regularly posts about keeping fit on the go, but … Read more

NASA’s Orion capsule lands in the Pacific Ocean after 1.4million mile voyage to the Moon and back

Splashdown! NASA’s Orion capsule lands in the Pacific Ocean as it arrives back on earth after completing 1.4 million mile voyage to the moon and back that lasted 25 days Orion space capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean near Baja California Navy divers waited nearby to recover the spaceship after its 25-day voyage  The … Read more

Hot 2023 holidays: Flight prices for Madeira drop 22% – searches for Jacksonville trips rise 570%

Some of the hottest destinations for Britons for 2023 have been revealed, with the shortlist including Madeira, Melbourne, Jacksonville and Minneapolis. According to a study by a flight comparison website, Madeira and Melbourne are next year’s two ‘best-value destinations’ as return economy flights from the UK have dropped 22 per cent and 19 per cent … Read more

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa is in ‘good spirits’ after being released from a Cincinnati hospital

Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is reportedly in ‘good spirits’ back in Florida after being released from a Cincinnati hospital on Thursday night following the concussion he suffered in the Dolphins’ loss to the Bengals. He is expected to undergo an MRI and has been wearing a neck brace as a precaution after being ripped to … Read more

Massive thunderstorms and a funnel cloud has Disney World guests scrambling for cover

Apocalypse Disney! Massive thunderstorms and a sinister funnel cloud send Epcot guests scrambling for cover, as Orlando residents say they’ve ‘never seen anything like that in this area’ EPCOT canceled its Thursday evening concern due to inclement weather, including lightning  strikes and funnel clouds in the area Though Florida gets more thunderstorms than any other … Read more