Reddit: Customer spots subtle detail on popular Tim Tam packaging

Customer spots ‘outrageous’ detail in popular Tim Tam packaging – irritating thousands of fans Shopper notices difference between two Tim Tam packets  The Deluxe Dark Choc Mint packet contained less biscuits than the Original   By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:01 BST, 25 April 2023 | Updated: 12:07 BST, 25 April 2023 Two ordinary … Read more

My son’s teacher says the lunch I pack him is ‘disgusting and inappropriate’ 

A mother has sparked a fierce online debate after revealing that her son’s pre-school complained about his ‘disgusting and inappropriate’ packed lunches. The 34-year-old, who is understood to be US-based, shared her concerns on the Am I The A******e (AITA) subreddit, explaining that she often treats her five-year-old to kimchi and Spam – which reflects … Read more

Get free McDonald’s food for a YEAR just by taking a photo of the ‘Golden Arches’

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Samuel Levi pays $27 for a salad from a café in Auckland

You won’t BELIEVE the amount furious diner paid for this ‘tiny’ Caesar salad: ‘It’s daylight robbery’ A former reality television star was shocked after receiving a ‘tiny’ salad  Samuel Levi paid $27 for what appears to be a Caesar salad   The 29-year-old ordered the dish while at a café in Auckland  Samuel said dubbed the small dish … Read more

Bec Hardgrave reveals the most confusing thing about menus in the US compared to Australia

Aussie health coach reveals the most confusing thing about restaurant menus in the US: ‘I have a serious bone to pick with you Americans’ Aussie health coach Bec Hardgrave is travelling around America  When dining out she noticed every entrée is ‘massive’ compared to the mains  Feeling confused, she posted a TikTok video seeking an explanation … Read more

This is why some Coles customers are receiving surprise gift cards and bonus FlyBuys points

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Chargrill Charlie’s hits back after KFC and Subway say they’ll use CABBAGE on their burgers

Chargrill Charlie’s has hit back after both KFC and Subway decided to incorporate cabbage into their burgers and sandwiches instead of lettuce. The famous chicken shop took to Instagram on Wednesday to address the worsening price hike of lettuce and how that’s affecting some of the dishes they and other hospitality venues cook. ‘Unlike other … Read more

Woolworths customer reveals how he got $30 worth of groceries for free

Woolworths customer reveals how he scored more than $30 worth of groceries for FREE An Australian man has shared his ‘hack’ for getting free groceries at Woolworths He recycles his soft drink cans at 10 cents a piece until he’s saved up enough At his last haul he managed to secure $31.80 worth of food … Read more