Spanish Grand Prix: Max Verstappen gains F1 title lead after victory

Lewis Hamilton had to be dragged back from the brink of despair in scorching Barcelona but now believes he can once again conquer the world. That was after the seven-time world champion tore through the field from last-but-one to finish fifth in the Spanish Grand Prix, a turnaround which may yet, just possibly, allow him … Read more

Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc’s title fight could ‘go all the way’ insists Christian Horner

Christian Horner believes the F1 title scrap between Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc could ‘go all the way’ to the finale in Abu Dhabi… as the Red Bull chief admits he would prefer to avoid a repeat of last year’s close battle with Lewis Hamilton Charles Leclerc holds a 19-point gap over Max Verstappen after … Read more

Lewis Hamilton is ‘astonished’ by Mohammed ben Sulayem’s suggestion that Michael Masi could return

Lewis Hamilton is ‘astonished’ by Mohammed ben Sulayem’s suggestion that controversial race director Michael Masi could make a return but sources claim the F1 supremo ‘simply aims to restore the FIA to its rightful position’ Mohammed ben Sulayem refused to rule out a return to F1 for Michael Masi Masi was axed as race director … Read more

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff concedes his team are ‘flying in the fog’ with their new car

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff concedes his team are ‘flying in the fog’ with their new car… which he admitted can be ‘super-difficult to drive on the edge’ amid frustrating start to the F1 season Mercedes have struggled with their car in the opening five races of the season World champion Lewis Hamilton is among the … Read more

F1: Lewis Hamilton’s jewellery saga poised to test new race director’s mettle

Lewis Hamilton poised to test F1’s new race director Niels Wittich’s mettle by continuing to wear jewellery in the cockpit of his Mercedes at Miami Grand Prix as saga rages on Formula One’s jewellery saga is set to continue at the Miami Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton is expected to continue wearing jewellery in his Mercedes … Read more

F1: George Russell ‘will soon get on Lewis Hamilton’s nerves’, claims Gerhard Berger

George Russell ‘will soon get on Lewis Hamilton’s nerves’, claims ex-F1 star Gerhard Berger after the new British star at Mercedes makes strong start to the season at the expense of his seven-time world champion team-mate George Russell has enjoyed an impressive start to his Mercedes career in 2022 The Brit stands fourth in the … Read more

Lewis Hamilton could quit if he isn’t winning by Silverstone, warns Grand Prix veteran John Watson

Now Lewis Hamilton is thinking ‘will I ever win that eighth title?’: Mercedes ace could quit if he isn’t winning by Silverstone, warns Grand Prix veteran John Watson Hamilton in search of a reboot after an early season of rare disappointment He spent time last week on the simulator in the Mercedes factory in Brackley  The … Read more

Mika Hakkinen thinks the Formula 1 world title is already out of Lewis Hamilton’s reach

Formula 1 icon Mika Hakkinen claims ‘the World Championships are already looking out of reach’ for Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes… as he warns the Silver Arrows that they face a race against time to fix their ‘complex problems’ Mercedes have been off the pace in the opening weeks of the Formula 1 season Lewis Hamilton … Read more

F1: Max Verstappen insists lapping Lewis Hamilton was ‘not anything exciting’

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen insists lapping bitter rival Lewis Hamilton at the Emilia Romagna GP was ‘not anything exciting’ – and he admits huge gap between them is due to ‘slow’ Mercedes Max Verstappen finished a whole lap ahead of Lewis Hamilton at Imola Hamilton continues to struggle with his Mercedes after the first four … Read more