Even the Tea Party isn’t fully behind Trump’s 2024 run

Even the Tea Party isn’t fully behind former President Donald Trump, as one of the movement’s founders, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chair Jenny Beth Martin, said her influentual group wouldn’t weigh in to the 2024 race until the Georgia runoff had concluded.  Martin said Trump’s success as president was ‘undeniable,’ adding, ‘We need a proven … Read more

Congressional Black Caucus slams Sesame Street character’s snub of two black girls

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are reportedly asking for a meeting with leadership at a Sesame Street theme park after video showing a costumed character waving off two six-year-old black girls during a parade went viral. Jodi Brown, the mother of one of the girls, first shared the nine-second video clip last weekend, showing … Read more

Caitlyn Jenner says she has ‘a lot’ of testosterone left over despite years of hormone therapy

Caitlynn Jenner doubled down on her criticism of trans swimmer Lia Thomas being able to compete against girls, saying on Wednesday that she still has a male athletic advantage even after seven years of hormone therapy.  Jenner, 72, appeared on FOX News on Wednesday morning, a day after Thomas gave her first on-camera interview. She said … Read more

Penn State professor shames Marriott for showing Fox News by bragging about his Twitter followers

A professor pulled the ‘Don’t you know who I am card?’ to try and bully Marriott into banning Fox News from being played on a TV at a NYC hotel gym. Michael Mann, who leads the atmospheric science department at Penn State University, tried to shame the hospitality giant into changing the channel by bragging … Read more

Video shows hundreds of migrants pushing into the United States at the Del Rio crossing in Texas

New footage shows from Texas shows a group of at least 300 migrants pushing at gates on the U.S.-Mexico border on Monday morning, with the reporter saying that the majority eventually were allowed in. Bill Melguin, Fox News’s correspondent, filmed the scenes at the Del Rio crossing, 150 miles west of San Antonio. ‘A Border … Read more

Fox News commentator Brit Hume blasts Kamala Harris as ‘politically very stupid’ over voter ID row

A Fox News commentator has blasted Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘politically very stupid’ after she argued against voter ID laws, including those in some states that require a photocopy of ID to vote by mail. Harris suggested people who live in rural areas aren not able to make photocopies because they don’t have a … Read more

Fox News’ Chris Wallace confronts Texas governor over making voting ‘harder’ for people of color

The governor of Texas has been accused of attempting to make it harder for people of color to vote, after he moved to end one county’s 24 hour and drive-through voting.  Greg Abbott, a Republican, appeared on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show on Sunday morning. Republicans in state legislatures have filed scores of elections-related measures … Read more

Tucker Carlson was ‘setting up an interview with Putin at the time he claims he was spied on by NSA’

Tucker Carlson was ‘setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin at the time he claims he was being spied on by NSA’ Tucker Carlson has for a week said he was spied on by the NSA The Fox News host claimed the intelligence agency was reading his emails On Wednesday it emerged he was allegedly … Read more

Tucker Carlson says whistleblower told him NSA was spying on him and trying to take him off the air

Tucker Carlson has claimed that the National Security Agency is spying on his show, in a bid to take him off the air. The Fox News host said on Monday night that a whistleblower had approached the show the day before and informed them of the espionage.  ‘It is not just political protest the government … Read more