Greta Thunberg is carried away for a second time in three days as activists clash with riot cops

One way to reduce her carbon footprint! Smirking Greta Thunberg is hauled off for a second time in three days as climate activists clash with German riot cops at coal mine protest The Swedish climate activist was removed by police at a German protest today She and other activists were demonstrating against the expansion of … Read more

Greta Thunberg carried away by police at demo at German village being razed to make way for mine

Greta Thunberg was seen smiling as she was carried away by police while protesting at a German coal mine today.  The Swedish climate activist and other protesters confronted police at a mine in Lutzerath, in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of the country. The village is set to be razed to make way for the expansion … Read more

Alpine ski resorts hold crisis talks amid European heatwave

Alpine ski resorts have been plunged into crisis after half the slopes in France closed due to a winter heatwave in Europe.  The unprecedented January ‘heat dome’ has produced temperatures ranging from 10 to 20 Celsius (50 to 68 Fahrenheit) from France to Western Russia – with several temperature records broken over the New Year weekend. … Read more

Climate protesters arrested after gluing themselves inside Volkswagen factory

Eco-demonstrators who glued themselves to the floor of a Volkswagen factory then moaned that their hands hurt and they could not go to the toilet have been arrested. Nine activists from the Scientist Rebellion group broke into Autostadt, a museum and car showroom opposite Volkswagen’s main factory in Wolfsburg, late on Wednesday and glued themselves to the … Read more

Angela Merkel says she has NO regrets over her decision to bind Germany to Russian gas

Angela Merkel says she has NO regrets over her decision to bind Germany to Russian gas which has now led to spiralling inflation and economic chaos Merkel left office with 55 per cent of German energy coming from Russia Now Germany is trying to wean itself off the Kremlin amid Ukraine war The former chancellor … Read more

A review by the Inspector of London’s Hotel Amano, the first UK outpost of the trendy German brand

The Inspector calls at the first UK outpost of the trendy German Amano hotel brand, complete with gold tubs in rooms and a rooftop bar… and says it’s a ‘welcome addition to London’ The hotel is set in what used to be a 1980s office building near Covent Garden The Inspector pays £380 for a … Read more

Germany says ‘gas is now SCARCE’ and raises threat level to ‘alarm’ due to dwindling Russian supply

Germany says ‘gas is now SCARCE’ and raises threat level to ‘alarm’ as Berlin admits dwindling deliveries from Russia have caused a supply ‘crisis’ Germany said Russia is using gas ‘as a weapon’ in retaliation against the West The next stage under Germany’s emergency plan would see gas rations Last week, Gazprom reduced Nord Stream … Read more

Girl, three, impales herself on an ironing board rod after falling off the sofa while playing

An injury so ‘unbelievable’ doctors assumed it was child abuse: Girl, three, impales herself on a toy ironing board rod after falling off sofa while playing Girl from Germany landed on the leg of an upturned miniature ironing board  Toy went 7.8in (20cm) up her backside and her shocked parents pulled it out Doctors suspected she was … Read more

Macron tells Ukraine to negotiate with Putin days after saying Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ 

Macron tells Ukraine it will have to negotiate with Putin to end the war days after angering Kyiv by suggesting Russia should ‘not be humiliated’ Emmanuel Macron said in Romania Ukraine ‘will have to negotiate’ with Russia He said he will ‘do everything to stop Russia’ as he pushes for peace talks Macron has been … Read more

Is Germany’s leader so soft on Russia because he’s an ex-Marxist, asks historian DR HUBERTUS KNABE 

Dr Hubertus Knabe says that when he first wrote about Scholz’s youthful collaboration with leading GDR functionaries, several German media outlets refused to publish the revelations Senior politicians from all over the Western world have visited Ukraine in recent weeks. Boris Johnson took part in one of the most memorable foreign visits of his prime … Read more