British Airways piles on the misery for travellers as it axes 650 July flights to Europe 

British Airways yesterday axed more than 650 July holiday flights to Europe, affecting up to 105,000 passengers. The airline slashed its Gatwick and Heathrow schedules from 8,383 flights with more than 1.4 million seats to 7,731 services with fewer than 1.3 million seats. Among the worst-hit destinations are Amsterdam, Athens, Faro in Portugal, plus Barcelona, … Read more

Andrew Constance is denied a recount in the NSW seat of Gilmore

Sore loser Liberal ex-minister is DENIED a recount in seat he lost to Labor MP by just 373 votes – finding himself unemployed after bailing on state politics Andrew Constance denied recount of razor tight federal seat of Gilmore He lost to Labor incumbent Fiona Phillips by just 373 votes after long counting Mr Constance … Read more

Grant Shapps warns tour giants not to over-book flights as fears airport fiasco could last months

This has got to stop NOW: Grant Shapps warns tour giants not to over-book flights amid fears the airports fiasco could drag on into the summer The Transport Secretary has blamed chaos at airports on ‘overselling’ of flights Grant Shapps said that he would meet with industry leaders to address problems With summer holidays fast … Read more

Gladys Berejiklian makes shock appearance on political campaign trail

Gladys Berejiklian has resurfaced on the campaign trail for Scott Morrison’s team – despite sending scathing text messages where she labelled the Prime Minister a ‘horrible, horrible person’.  Pictures showed Ms Berejiklian has been campaigning with her mate and close former colleague Andrew Constance, as the former NSW transport minister vies for the federal seat … Read more

Grant Shapps stars in cringeworthy Alan Partridge-style video plugging electric cars

Grant Shapps has released a cringeworthy video plugging electric cars in which he engages in a faux Wild West shootout scene with original Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson.  The bizarre clip starts by showing the Transport Secretary reversing into an electric car charging point in a Tesco carpark. He then opens his boot to grab … Read more

Council house swappers reveal why they love switching homes with strangers

Two council house tenants have revealed why they loved to switch between different properties across the country ahead of Channel 5’s new show Council House Swap.  The show, which premieres tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm, follows council home tenants from around the UK as they visit each other’s homes and swap properties for free.  … Read more

Sydney trains: Delays and major shutdown

Sydney could face ANOTHER train shutdown as workers threaten to strike again causing even more disruption for commuters Train cancellations and delays still occurring across the NSW rail network Delays sparked by last week’s storm damage that ripped through the state Trains that were still running were forced to reduce their speed to 40km/hr  NSW … Read more

Driverless Tube trains could be the answer to union strike chaos in the capital

Driverless Tube trains could be the answer to union strike chaos in the capital as Transport Secretary issues Sadiq Khan with ultimatum Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has made driverless technology a condition of talks on a bailout for Transport for London (TfL)  Commuters face another day of misery today as the RMT strikes continue  Tuesday’s … Read more

Now government bans Russian private jets from entering UK airspace

Now government bans Russian private jets from entering UK airspace: Grant Shapps extends flight ban to ALL Russian aircraft including those owned by Oligarchs British commercial jets usually fly over Russia for routes to Asian destinations UK’s own ban applies to Russian carrier Aeroflot and jets used by oligarchs Russia has retaliated and banned any … Read more

Half-price peak hour travel and free weekend trips to compensate for Sydney Trains chaos

Sydney slashes train fares with half-priced peak hour travel and free trips at the weekend to apologies for rail shutdown that caused chaos for millions Sydney plunged into chaos after entire train network shut down for 24 hours  Commuters will get half-price peak hour travel and free weekend trips for month Fallout and blame game … Read more