AEGON GLOBAL SUSTAINABLE EQUITY: Sustainability? It’s been in our DNA for years By Rachel Rickard Straus, Financial Mail On Sunday Published: 21:51 GMT, 11 December 2021 | Updated: 16:03 GMT, 13 December 2021 Sustainability has become such a buzzword in the world of investing that you would be hard pressed to find a fund these … Read more

Can you go green and NOT pay fund fees that cost you the earth?

Savers are going wild for green and ethical investments – there’s no doubt about it. Two in every three pounds invested in September went into funds considered ‘green’ or ‘responsible’ – a total of £1.6 billion in one month alone.  Some are choosing to invest in funds that stay well away from fossil fuels. Others … Read more

ThomasLloyd Energy Impact Trust targets 7% yield from investing in Asian renewable energy projects

This new Asian renewable energy investment trust is targeting a yield as high as 7% – and the UK Government is buying into it, should you? Infrastructure investor ThomasLloyd launches new investment trust  The trust will invest in renewable assets in emerging markets in Asia  The UK Government will invest up to £25m in the … Read more

Does it pay to invest as a saint or a sinner as oil price surges?

With Cop26 underway, the environment is firmly at the front of the world’s news agenda. But as various world leaders stress the importance of building a low-carbon world, not all investors are convinced. While some have ploughed money into green technologies — and vowed to shun big polluters — others see out-of-fashion sin stocks, including … Read more

Rishi Sunak’s green savings bond is now on sale – but with one of the worst rates on the market

Rishi Sunak’s green savings bond is now on sale with NS&I – but with one of the worst rates on the market at 0.65% Savers will be paid interest at just 0.65pc if they invest in the three-year fixed bonds to bankroll environmentally-friendly Government projects Yet there is a pick of more than 80 similar … Read more