Drug which fights hot flushes without HRT is approved for use in the UK

 Fezolinetant could be transformative in tackling symptoms of menopause By Victoria Allen Published: 01:02 GMT, 18 December 2023 | Updated: 02:09 GMT, 18 December 2023 A ‘blockbuster’ drug which acts directly on the brain to prevent hot flushes has been approved for use in the UK. Fezolinetant could be transformative in tackling symptoms of the … Read more

Eye kid you not! Doctors find tiny wooden splinter buried in man’s cornea which had gone unnoticed for 15 years

He suffered an agonising ‘penetrating injury’ while gardening in the late 2000s  By Stephen Matthews Health Editor For Mailonline Published: 09:14 GMT, 15 December 2023 | Updated: 09:32 GMT, 15 December 2023 A man who went for a routine eye check-up was found to have a splinter lurking in his cornea — and doctors say … Read more

I’m a chiropractor – here is why you should NEVER sleep on your front

Dr Jae Chang from Arizona recommended against sleeping on your stomach This is because the position puts strain on your neck, lower back and heart READ MORE: Experts say Kim Kardashian’s schedule could cause MEMORY LOSS By Caitlin Tilley, Health Reporter For Dailymail.Com Published: 21:12 GMT, 21 November 2023 | Updated: 22:01 GMT, 21 November 2023 … Read more

Mystery paralysing ‘illness’ hospitalises 95 schoolgirls in Kenya: Panicked health chiefs launch probe with ‘sickened’ pupils left shaking uncontrollably and convulsing

Dozens of schoolgirls in Kenya have been hospitalised with a mystery paralysing ‘illness’.  Concerned health officials in the African nation have launched a probe to discover the cause of the bizarre outbreak, warning it could have ‘disastrous’ consequences should it happen to be infectious. Local media reports 95 students were suddenly struck down at an … Read more

Hated your nose as a kid? Why your mum’s alcohol consumption BEFORE pregnancy could be to blame

Hated your nose as a kid? Why your mum’s alcohol consumption BEFORE pregnancy could be to blame By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor For The Daily Mail Updated: 19:03 GMT, 16 February 2023 If you hated your nose as a child, you could have your mum to blame. That’s because drinking alcohol in the months … Read more

Real-life cupid! February-born baby has a perfect heart-shaped birth mark on her tummy 

It’s perhaps the most fitting symbol a February born-baby could ever have. So it’s no surprise that midwives couldn’t believe their eyes when Jorgia Welch was delivered with a heart-shaped birth mark. It sat on the left side of her tummy, in line with her belly button.  Medics told 37-year-old mother Jayne and her partner … Read more

Toxic soap left on restaurant dishes can harm gut barrier

Beware of eating out! Industrial restaurant dishwashers leave toxic soap residue on cutlery and crockery that may cause allergies, inflammation and DEPRESSION, researchers warn Commercial dishwashers use toxic rinse aid to clean plates in 60-second cycles In many restaurants, a chemical residue is left behind on customers’ crockery The detergent substances can break down the … Read more

Ex-minister Chloe Smith and MPs back demands for councils to teach deaf children sign language free

Former Cabinet Minister Chloe Smith has hit out at local councils that are refusing to fund sign language lessons for deaf children. It comes after The Mail on Sunday revealed that some parents are being forced to shell out £20,000 or more to learn how to communicate with their child. The former Work and Pensions … Read more

Money CAN buy happiness: Study finds people given one-time sum of $10,000 report feeling happier

You may have been told otherwise, but money really does buy happiness.  People given a five-figure, one-time sum were happier than their peers even months after spending it all, a study found. In a one-of-a-kind social experiment, researchers at the University of British Columbia recruited 300 people in seven countries — and gave around half $10,000. … Read more