Chicago woman says stranger moved into her home, with cops unable to remove the squatter

A Chicago woman who listed her home on the market has revealed she found a stranger living in it who refuses to leave, claiming she already signed a lease and paid $8,000 in rent upfront.  Danielle Cruz said she was shocked when she found the alleged squatter in her Chatham neighborhood home, and she suffered another … Read more

18-year-old girl from Illinois becomes the youngest American woman to ever summit EVEREST

An 18-year-old from Illinois became the youngest American woman to ever summit Mr. Everest when she reached the top of the 29,032ft mountain in Nepal on Thursday morning. Lucy Westlake, who has been an avid climber since age seven, summited the highest mountain in the world at 5:40 a.m. local time, following 26 grueling days of climbing. With … Read more

Mother divides opinion after revealing that she doesn’t let her children go to sleepovers

Mother who’s BANNED her children from sleepovers to ‘protect’ them divides opinion – as some claim they will resent her when they’re older Mother-of-two has revealed that her children aren’t allowed to go to sleepovers Posting on TikTok, Alissa said the parenting decision aims to protect her kids Responses warned her children will resent her, … Read more

Moment golden retriever is rescued after 24 hours trapped in a 5ft sinkhole in Illinois [Video]

Moment golden retriever Macy is rescued after 24 hours trapped in a 5ft sinkhole after another dog found her and alerted rescuers The 11-year-old retriever fell into the hole while out walking in Streator, Illinois A chocolate labrador, called Wrigley, alerted his owner to the dog by barking Fire chief Fred McClellan almost slips into the hole … Read more

Winter storm stretching from Rockies to Midwest has caused nearly 1,500 flights to be canceled

The Central US prepares for a snow day as nearly 1,500 flights are canceled and Chicago braces for up to 10 inches of snow.  Nearly 90million people were placed under winter storm alerts across 2,000 miles of the US from the Rockies to New England. The Central US, especially the Rockies and the Midwest brace … Read more

Dem lawmaker may have broken the law by offering federal job to rival

Ethics panel probes whether Democratic lawmaker broke law by offering federal job to rival in bid to get him to drop out primary race – then retracting it after she won The House Ethics Committee is probing whether Democratic Rep. Marie Newman of Illinois promised a government job to a rival  Investigators looking at whether … Read more

Kinzinger blames ‘profit-driven radio’ for turning Trump fans into ‘angry, fearful victimized group’

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said on Sunday that Donald Trump is a ‘symptom’ of the anger stoked by right-wing talk radio narratives that profit off of fear and victimization. Speaking to NBC’s Meet The Press, the outgoing GOP lawmaker said the former president’s meteoric rise to power came because he was at the … Read more

Auroras will be visible across the northern US, from Pennsylvania to Iowa to Oregon, this weekend

A powerful solar flare erupted on our sun on Thursday, shooting out a giant cloud of particles toward Earth that should arrive this weekend and create stunning auroras this weekend – just in time for Halloween. The burst of light, which erupted at 11:35am ET, reached our planet just 8.5 minute after, but the natural light … Read more

Adam Kinzinger supports Capitol riot committee subpoena for McCarthy but doubts they’ll call Trump

Adam Kinzinger said Sunday he would be open to calling House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy to testify in front of the Capitol riot committee but suggested it wouldn’t be necessary to subpoena Donald Trump. ‘I don’t know,’ Kinzinger said when ABC This Week host Jonathan Karl asked if the panel will want to compel the … Read more

Paleontologists discover 308 million-year-old fossil of a new species of tiny dinosaur-like creature

Paleontologists discover 308 million-year-old fossil of a new species of tiny dinosaur-like creature known as a microsaur that used its head to smack into the ground and burrow Experts found a 308 million-year-old fossil of a new species of microsaur  Joermungandr bolti likely used its head to burrow underground Ridges were found on the fossil, … Read more