Apple’s new security update will block thieves from accessing a stolen iPhone

Apple is set to add even more protection to the iPhone in the next iOS update, which will stop thieves from accessing smartphones with passcodes. Called ‘Stolen Device Protection,’ the new setting promises to prevent cyber-criminals from locking iPhone users out of their Apple accounts or accessing any of their passwords stored in Apple’s Keychain. … Read more

Game-changing iOS 17 feature could revolutionise how you do your laundry

The seventeenth update of Apple’s iOS operating system was released last week Fans are raving over one feature which will help make everyday tasks a lot easier By Madison Burgess Published: 13:47 BST, 30 September 2023 | Updated: 15:15 BST, 30 September 2023 The seventeenth update of Apple’s iOS operating system, iOS 17, came into … Read more

‘Massive fight’ breaks out in Dubai Mall as Apple fans try to get their hands on the new iPhone 15 – while thousands more queue outside stores across the world

It is an eagerly-anticipated event that sees thousands of Apple fans queue outside stores across the world to be the first to get their hands on a new iPhone. But the official launch of the iPhone 15 descended into chaos in Dubai when a ‘massive fight’ broke out and security guards were forced to intervene.  … Read more

iPhone 15 is officially UNVEILED: Apple’s new smartphone starts at $799

Apple gave the world its first look at its new iPhone 15 during Tuesday’s annual September product event. The sleek device has a textured matte finish, a ceramic shield and supports USB-C charging. Apple said that USB-C charging cables are coming to both its iPhone 15 and the charging case of its AirPods Pro devices, allowing … Read more

iPhone users issued warning to change buried setting which would prevent mobile fraud

iPhone users issued warning to change buried setting which would prevent mobile fraud By Madison Burgess Published: 10:20 BST, 9 August 2023 | Updated: 11:59 BST, 9 August 2023 iPhone users have discovered a buried setting that can help combat mobile fraud. It takes just two minutes to enable it and it could stop fraudsters … Read more

British Airways passenger who left Apple AirPods on plane tracks the worker who took them

British Airways passenger leaves his Apple Airpods on plane and now watches them go from London flat to BA offices at Heathrow every day on Find My app Tim Briggs misplaced the wireless headphones on his flight to London Heathrow He reported them missing and used the Find My app to try and track them … Read more

Amazing footage shows a rainbow shining and lightning bolts flashing at the same moment

The perfect storm formed over Hollister, California this week that produced a rainbow and flashes of lighting at the same time. Storm chaser William Justo. who caught the electrifying show on Wednesday, told I was chasing a stationary Area of storms in Hollister, CA around sunset and it so-happened that a rainbow appeared within … Read more