Missouri woman slams trolls who say her mother, 51, too old for seventh baby, conceived by IVF

A daughter whose mother had her seventh child at 51, 35 years after her first baby, has slammed trolls who criticized her choices. Kayla Caldwell, 33, from St. Louis, Missouri, documented her mother Kimberly Chasteen’s pregnancy on TikTok after she had successful IVF treatment with donor eggs and sperm, at a cost of $35,000.  However, … Read more

Australian mother gets pregnant at Russian clinic after spending $236,275 on IVF

A 47-year-old woman desperate for a second child has finally fallen pregnant after spending over $236,275 on 30 rounds of IVF. After seven agonising long years, Suvi Mahonen, 47, from Surfers Paradise, Queensland, has finally fallen pregnant with her miracle second baby after taking out loans to fund her IVF journey.  The journalist and her … Read more

Experts quit fertility show over ‘dubious therapies’

Experts quit fertility show over ‘dubious therapies’ and criticism of ‘exorbitant’ products offered to couples Society has said it will no longer attend the Fertility Show in London because of concerns over ‘non-medical treatments’ The Progress Educational Trust, which continues to attend the show, said it would warn people to be wary of products and … Read more

Missouri grandmother, 51, welcomes her seventh child after IVF

A grandmother who spent $35,000 on IVF aged 51 has welcomed her seventh child. Kimberly Chasteen, 51, welcomed her seventh child, Tyrique Chasteen on St Patrick’s Day, March 17 2022. The mother-of-seven and grandmother of five was only 16-years-old when she welcomed her first daughter Jessica, 35 in 1986, going on to have five more … Read more

‘Cynical’ companies are accused of offering IVF treatment perks to young women to focus on careers 

‘Cynical’ companies are accused of offering IVF treatment perks to young women so they delay having children and focus on their careers Professor Adam Balen claims employers are cynically offering IVF treatment The fertility expert said this reliance on the success of treatments was misplaced He said the employers’ approach is ‘to actually encourage women … Read more

NRL commentator, Allana Ferguson, opens up about her difficult second journey through IVF

Glamorous ex rugby player Allana Ferguson opens up about ‘tough’ second IVF process after having her daughter three years ago – and why she had to take a break NRL commentator Allana Ferguson told of her difficult second journey with IVF  She revealed she and her husband had to take a break from the rigorous … Read more

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Israel has vaccinated 1.8 million out of its population of 8.65 million residents (left, inset)), according to data tracking by Bloomberg, while the US has vaccinated 2.5% (right, inset). Just 150,000 Americans have had second shots. The small nation has deployed its military to help run mass vaccination sites 24 hours a day, seven days … Read more