Caitlyn Jenner says she has ‘a lot’ of testosterone left over despite years of hormone therapy

Caitlynn Jenner doubled down on her criticism of trans swimmer Lia Thomas being able to compete against girls, saying on Wednesday that she still has a male athletic advantage even after seven years of hormone therapy.  Jenner, 72, appeared on FOX News on Wednesday morning, a day after Thomas gave her first on-camera interview. She said … Read more

Lia Thomas comes FIFTH in the 200 yard freestyle at the NCAA championships

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas came fifth in the 200 yard freestyle on Friday night – finishing well distant from the winner, despite having broken records in the event earlier in the season. Thomas, 22, the night before became the first ever transgender athlete to be crowned a National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) champion, winning the … Read more

‘Lia bumped my teammate out of the finals’: Brave Virginia Tech swimmer bravely speaks up

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has been condemned for the first time on camera by a fellow college athlete, who said many others were ‘disappointed and frustrated’ by her competing in women’s races – but were afraid to speak out. While several women have spoken anonymously about their concerns, a Virginia Tech student on Thursday said she … Read more